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Comment Fuses (Score 1) 303

Most enterprise switches will come with user-changeable fuse modules on each individual port for exactly this reason. And for cheaper switches, just buy an inline fuse module that sits in front of your ports. Problem solved.

* I have no idea if either of the above technologies actually exist, but they should.


Skype For Microsoft Edge Will Work From the Browser, No Plug-Ins Required 89

We mentioned a few months back Microsoft's beta of a browser-based intrerface to Skype. Now, reports Engadget, Skype will be able to work without a plug-in (as was required for the beta). However, it will work -- at least at first -- only with Microsoft's Edge browser. The latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build comes with Object RTC API. That's the element that allows real-time audio and video communication without the need for any installation not just for Skype for Web and, but also for other WebRTC-compatible services. To note, Chrome, Firefox and Safari all support WebRTC standards, but it's unclear if and when Skype will enable a plug-in-less experience for those browsers, as well.

Comment Clap, tap (Score 1) 103

I can't help with the automagic part, but...

I capture with this method too, except when working with pre-recorded studio performances. I highly recommend rolling the audio and video capture device for a few seconds before "action" to give you time to clap or tap an object in front of the camera, as close to the sound source (not necessarily the microphone) as is practical. you will then have a definitive reference point in your audio and video streams against which you can synchronize in your editor of choice. There are many FOSS editors that can help with this. The one I am currently using is OpenShot.

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