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Journal Journal: new marine 5

graduated today. mom, dad, and roommates drove over from AZ. it was nice. stopped at in-n-out for lunch, awesome

i was originally supposed to graduate 11/17. but, i cracked some ribs and got held back 2 weeks. oh well. now, i don't report to pendleton until 1/2 ... 30 days leave. nice, eh? then, off to dli ...
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Journal Journal: openbsd pf on windows 1


that's pretty cool. it's not just pf, and the pf port handles just the firewalling ... it's much more than just a firewall (if the pf sense). maybe now at work we can get rid of that piece of shit kerio. theo knows the developers and supports them
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Journal Journal: running still 7

and some other stuff too

27.5 pounds since about the 3rd week of april (i think?)

no more ibuprofen either

i actually had to wear a belt with shorts this weekend. yes, it was dorky. what was even more dorky was that the belt was hastily made out of the yellow 'CAUTION' tape

oh, and that last "5.5 miles in 43 mins" i got those numbers wrong. it was 4.5 miles in 53 minutes. i've progressed since
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Journal Journal: running. ugh 2

i'm up to about 5.5 miles per day now. it took me 43 minutes tonight (just got back a few mins ago). i've been at it for about 2 months now

and, about an hour ago, it was still 93 degrees outside. that's too fucking hot for 9:50 PM. arizona is t3h sux0rz

i haven't noticed that much of a change. my semi-roommate j does. my perm-roommate d does too. i think it might be because i drink water like a son of a bitch, so i'm always a little bloated

i think violet (my sister's cat that lives with me) misses the roommates. she's been hanging out by their room alot since they left

365 Days of drinking Lo-Cal beer. = 1 Lite-year