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Comment Re:Who actually wants this? (Score 1) 56

Well if it means we're going from small devices with small apps and small amounts of resources to suddenly making them full on desktop machines, I just don't see the point.

And that's totally fine. The point isn't what YOU want, it's what some private company wants to do and these actions will in no way, shape, or form negatively impact your life and thus getting all up in a huff about it is a little over the top.

Comment Re:Who actually wants this? (Score 2) 56

What percentage of Android owners even remotely want any of this?

Users don't know what they want until it is provided to them and, honestly, if you don't want any part of it, that's cool but perhaps it will really help developers port their work cross-platform and bring us to a completely different level.

I would love to see Android or iOS apps come back across the divide in some cases, so there's likely a market in reverse.

No sense in getting all fired up about CodeWeavers doing this.

Comment Re:Canada has already rejected it (Score 1) 240

Wrong. CPC acts for their Communist masters in China, not for Canada.

I see you have never grown up in Canada, and believe the non-translateable labels of "socialist" "communist" etc. Parties, other than the Greens, don't really translate to US versions. For example, in BC the Liberals are the most conservative party, and are run by the right of center Social Credit Party remnants.

I went to school (Capilano University, SFU, etc) with these people.

Comment I had this happen with Blizzard and EA (Score 1) 323

Used my credit card to buy WOD, renew my annual subscription, and a gift sub for my son on the same day and they denied the charge, even though I had plenty of credit.

Same happened with EA when on the same day I bought 2 expansions for the The Sims.

Yes, I tend to do those ON THE SAME DAY WHEN A BIG DISCOUNT IS ANNOUNCED. Wonder why?

Comment Re:Ugly Americanism (Score 1) 129

English is indeed the international language of the travel industry. In fact, it's the world's second language. People who have never been to any English-speaking countries use it as a common language to talk to each other. I think you need to get out more, your views are provincial and blinkered.

You will lose an important tape file.