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There are people who believe mars can be terraformed with our days technology in less than 100 years.
Or read the red/blue/green Mars triology. Yes the later is "just" SF ... but also basically only using our days tech.

People don't want to be holed up in geodesic dome glass domes and living underground like insects.
I know plenty of people that either never have left their home city, or when they did just visited another big city (like Paris or London).
For them it would be no difference if the whole city was under a dome.

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by drinkypoo (#48038967) Attached to: Which Cars Get the Most Traffic Tickets?

We restrict access to certain drugs for (mostly) very good reasons.

All the evidence shows that this is nonsense, that you always cause more problems than you solve because you drive addiction underground and people wind up taking drugs of varying quality because of their illegal nature.

If you can explain to me the upside to society of someone having a cocaine or heroin addiction then I'll concede the point.

If prohibition prevented use, you would have a point.

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I have read the first link you gave, not the second.

And I simply did not see any link, headline or what ever leading to a description how they found their data.

You pointed out, after a few more posts: there is one.

Sorry, what is so hard in understanding that people easy oversee such links? Why are you so damn hostile? Never learned about a civilized way to do a discussion?

I linked to these. You didn't read them.
You are wrong, I read the first one ... not finding any substance in it, I did not bother to read the second one.

And, to be honest, after you claimed "both" would nevertheless disclose their way how they gather the data, I did not check that so far ... so: no idea if they do. First time I read the first link, I saw _nothing_ about their data collection method.

But thanks for wasting my time with you ...

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by angel'o'sphere (#48038587) Attached to: Ebola Has Made It To the United States

I don't think that there is a standard definition :D

Many things come together, e.g. education, industry, healthcare, not only "living from 1$" per day.

And actually, if you would be a tourist in the right areas in India you also would live from one dollar a day, or lets say you try hard to spend money, you hardly can spend 10$ ... except you want to live in a expensive tourist hotel :D

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by angel'o'sphere (#48038519) Attached to: Energy Utilities Trying To Stifle Growth of Solar Power

The world lithium "supply" is not a problem at all, I guess it is 3rd or 4th most abundant element on earth.
The problem is "production".

Batteries are overrated anyway. They are only helpful for people who want to be offgrid as much as possible. Unless we can produce renewable energy close to our peak demand, there is no point in grid wide storage.

The difference between peak and base is something like 120%, or other way around: base is 40% of peak load, depending on country it varies. So assuming you can at least produce 50% of your peak energy (10% more than the 40% base load), then you can store those "10%" and use it during peak time (works with wind). Solar works opposite as you can only produce power during peak time (or around peak time) ... grid wide it makes no sense to store anything from that. You rather simply consume it while it is produced. For a home owner or a sailor that is different. Those can schedule their appliances in a way that they always have a slight overproduction to store for the night etc.

In germany I believe the "wave" of home installations is over. Well, or we are approaching a second wave perhaps. Current installations usually have no storage. Future plans only want to subside solar plants that either don't point due south (to change the time window when they produce their peak) and/or installations that focus on consumption by the owner (with or without storage).

However you are right regarding Lithium, it is "only" an Alkali metal, in german the "rare earth" group is called "earth alkali" ... somehow my mind shifted Lithium into the other group :D

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by painandgreed (#48038447) Attached to: Robotic Taster Will Judge 'Real Thai Food'

The question is, what is "American" food? Except for burgers with french fries and Apple tart nothing comes to my mind.

Industrial microwave food from the deep freezer perhaps?

In Japan, it was apparently a beef patty covered in a grey, salt sauce with a side salad and side of pasta. While I Japan, we went to an "American restaurant" to see and this is what we ended up ordering. We could tell it was an American dish because it came with plain pasta rather than rice.

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by drinkypoo (#48037433) Attached to: Which Cars Get the Most Traffic Tickets?

I *know* they wouldn't have done that had I been driving a BMW 745i - drastically different experiences, all based on the make/model of the car.

And this is why I shifted to driving top-of-the-line Kraut Kans. Even an old one still commands respect. I can fly by at 80 in my 300SD, nothing. But go by at 70 in the Astro and they squint hard to see how Mexican you are. I'm working on prepping an A8 now, which should make me even more invisible. Paint's much better than my 300SD.

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by drinkypoo (#48037409) Attached to: Which Cars Get the Most Traffic Tickets?

> TFA was bullshit when I saw the Supra on the list ranked at #4 (and the 3000 GT at #17).
> They stopped making both of those cars well over 10 years ago

So they are sporty cars that are ten years old and now worth about $2,500.

HAHAHAHA. If you buy a Supra or a 3000GT for $2,500, you'll be lucky if you can get it up to law-violating speed.

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