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Comment: Re:Business-grade features (Score 1) 408

This is true, but if the faucet itself corrodes (really hard water around here) then it's no good to replace cartridges.

We went with a double-swing faucet from T&S in our kitchen; I have a three-basin sink and the regular faucets don't reach well into the left and right basins unless they stick so far out that they don't work in the small middle one, so this solution, while more expensive than a consumer-grade faucet, works well. Even better, they sell knobs and pulls so if we ever get arthritis we can change them out and have big wings to grab on to.

Comment: Re:Business-grade features (Score 1) 408

Sometimes you have no choice if you have to drill through joists and can't drill through the outside of a building to install inflexible stuff. That said, ENT (nonmetallic, the blue corrugated stuff) works well and at least in my area is within code for up to 600V applications. My ceiling in my workshop is 28' 2x12 beams with a flat roof on top, so if I don't want to hang my tubing/piping below the joists this is the kind of thing I have to use.

DO NOT USE YELLOW 77 LUBRICANT! It becomes glue after a few years. PAIN IN THE ASS.

Leave pullstrings in the conduit so that pulling new cable through later is easier.

Comment: Oh get off it (Score 1) 132

by Sycraft-fu (#49833581) Attached to: Fallout 4 Announced

They are different for sure, but that doesn't make them bad. I enjoyed Fallout 3 and I loved New Vegas. Are they the same kind of game as 1 and 2? No, not at all, but they are enjoyable all the same. Not everything needs to be the same all the time, you can have different things in the same universe and it can be fun.

By the same "things can never change" logic, Fallout 1 and 2 were no good because they were different from Wasteland, which was their predecessor (the universe was made because Interplay couldn't get the rights to Wasteland from EA).

Evaluate a game on its own merits. Don't demand that it be just like its predecessors.

Comment: Re:Why is this on Slashdot? (Score 1) 363

by operagost (#49833153) Attached to: Why Is It a Crime For Dennis Hastert To Evade Government Scrutiny?

I recall an article on Obama winning the election back in 2008. That was the last time a pro-Obama article made the front page of slashdot. Since then it has been a regular parade of how evil he - and everyone in his administration - is.

Because he hasn't done anything to warrant the admiration of the "News for Nerds" community.

The USA Patriot Act is (mostly) still in place.

Gitmo still holds people without charges.

Cannabis is still illegal.

Civil forfeiture still exists.

The IRS is (still) going after people the administration doesn't like.

Obama promised the most transparent administration, yet it's probably the most secretive one since FDR's WWII administration.

The world, especially the Middle East, still hates us, yet he has the gall to claim that they love us now because of him.

What positive "News for Nerds" are we supposed to report, again? Obamacare?

Comment: Or pre-release reviews (Score 1) 108

by phorm (#49832949) Attached to: Valve Introduces Steam Refunds In Advance of Summer Sale

Or they introduce a game as a pre-release, and it's awesome. Then they introduce a bunch of pay-to-win crap, or break the game in other ways when it's released as a completed product. People see a new game come out, see awesome reviews, and buy it... but at this point what *was* a good game is now a steaming pile of sh**...

I've seen many games that seem to have gone this route... although to be fair many are FTPPTW (Free to Play Pay to Win) so the only thing you really waste before seeing it's a PTW piece of junk is time and bandwidth.

Comment: Re:What is your solution? (Score 1) 363

by operagost (#49832867) Attached to: Why Is It a Crime For Dennis Hastert To Evade Government Scrutiny?
It's clear that Capone did violate tax laws. He had undeclared income. Even if what he'd done was legal, he hadn't paid tax on it and the amount of tax in arrears was documented. It isn't the same. It would be similar if, say, the statute of limitations on tax evasion was 10 years and the IRS tried to go after him 11 years later for hiding the money.

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