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Comment: Re:Clarifications (I'm the quoted source) (Score 2, Informative) 393

by Trisk (#31877308) Attached to: Oracle Wants Proof That Open Source Is Profitable
I can confirm gdamore's authorship of the parent post. Anyone trying to understand his statement on ogb-discuss that was linked should read the preceding messages in the thread. A transcript of IRC discussion of this article is available here (search for "slashdot"):

Comment: Some games by Humongous run natively (Score 1) 475

by Trisk (#9500977) Attached to: Transgaming releases "WineX" 4.0 "Cedega"
ScummVM, a virtual machine that runs games developed for LucasArts' SCUMM engine, has been adding support lately for older games (Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish, etc.) released by Humongous Entertainment. ( has some examples). ScummVM is extremely portable and runs on everything from most unix systems to game consoles and palmtops.

This universe shipped by weight, not by volume. Some expansion of the contents may have occurred during shipment.