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Comment If you are relaxed at work, start worrying (Score 1) 343

Capitalism has a nasty habit of flushing out inefficient organizations, sooner or later. All the worse because we are now on a global scale where virtually every other country suffers a lower standard of living than us - which means they will work for less. If you are relaxed at work or looking for something to do, start worrying.

Comment A US soldier still decides when to shoot... (Score 1) 182

We have a rule in the US that a human must make the final call before delivering any ordinance, be it by soldier, drone, or robot. The problem is that many foreign countries that figure this out won't have this moral impediment. Yes, this is worth worrying about...

Comment Analog lasts longer than digital? (Score 2) 440

Huh? The magnetic bits start to lose their little minds after 10 yrs. Yes you need high band width a to d (at least 20 bit) but that is cheap these days. And it all comes down to the speakers reproducing the music since they add so much distortion the original sound is lost anyway.

Comment /. is a bad place for Apple feature advice (Score 2, Insightful) 262

Apple made their mark controlling and simplifying the user experience to achieve broad market appeal. /.ers will inevitably want them to go the other direction and load up the feature set, as all engineers will. Without Jobs, the engineers will get the upper hand and the feature set will expand, thus losing their broad appeal. Unless someone else comes along who can stand up to the engineers, Apple is toast.

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