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+ - Utah Cafe Charges Liberals $1 Extra For Drinks->

Submitted by
Trip6 writes "A Utah cafe owner is charging an extra dollar to admitted liberals for drinks in his cafe. George Burnett, the owner, claims his goal isn't to offend, but to "start a conversation about what he sees as the over-regulation of the energy industry and the continued financial problems facing the United States." Just another milepost on the road to the upcoming civil war?"
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The Courts

+ - Fry's Executive Arrested in $65M Fraud

Submitted by Trip6
Trip6 (1184883) writes "Omar Siddiqui, fast rising Fry's executive, was arrested on Friday (as in hauled off in handcuffs from work) and held in a Santa Clara jail over the weekend. He appeared in court today. He allegedly acted as the middleman between vendors and Fry's, collecting outrageous commissions in exchange for guaranteed business, which he funneled to Las Vegas to pay off his gambling debts."

+ - Soldier Robot Suit Amplifies Human Strength 20X

Submitted by
Trip6 writes " A company in Utah is perfecting a robotic suit that amplifies human strength, kind of like the suit in The Matrix. Battery life is currently very short, but that is a minor hurdle compared to the potential benefits. It is being touted for uses like industrial repair, brute force tasks, etc. but look for it on the battlefield soon."

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