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Comment Re:Swift (Score 1) 285 285

Doesn't even have to be LOGO these days:

import turtle

It's turtle.pendown all the way down.

Comment Pardons are for the Guilty (Score 1) 511 511

Pardons are forgiveness for guilt. He is guilty of nothing. Betraying a criminal conspiracy to violate our own laws and subvert the open process of their deliberation and public oversight is hardly a crime. If anything it is the people he exposed who should be recieving pardons if they are to be allowed to continue to walk free.

I am far more concerned with the administrations dangerous decision to lie to the public and cover up clear evidence of its own wrongdoing.

Comment Re:But... but? (Score 2) 165 165

LOL ... who the hell still has access to usenet feeds?

For the binaries groups? Obsessive gotta-collect-all-the-media pirates, mostly.

My ISP doesn't have their own netnews server anymore. At first they farmed it out to a third party but still included the service, but then they dropped it entirely.

I've been looking around for a service that suits my needs, I don't need/want binaries and I don't want to have to pay whatever month to something like Giganews to help bankroll the piracy for everyone else.

Comment Re:But... but? (Score 1) 165 165

I have my account, that predates Google taking YouTube over. I've resisted all these years going to G+ or giving them more information....but for that, Ihad to give up being able to post comments and replies not only to other peoples' videos, but even to my own.

You CAN post YouTube comments using the old pre google+ identity. You have to manually switch it to the old identity in settings. See that little icon with your name attached on the upper right of the YouTube main page? Click it and you can tell it to use the old identity. Every once in a while in the past they'd switch it back but they haven't done it in a while.

But we shouldn't have had to do that.

Comment Re:Which is why you just go PC (Score 1) 39 39

And what is your problem with gaming with windows that isn't 1000 times worse on Sony?

Microsoft IS worse than Sony, always has been. Some divisions of Sony might have a "minor" in evil, but Microsoft has a Double-major in evil, a Minor in evil and is professional chair throwing extend embrace extinguish brand evil.

And as to exclusives, those are just games that are arbitarily held hostage by corporations.

So PC centric developers are holding games hostage as well, right?

As to paying less... you're right... we do... we're less stupid.

You don't pay less, you "spend" less, there's a difference. PC gaming is some Ian in the UK or Ivan in Russia spending all his quid or rubles on a PC, and then pirating all his stuff instead of paying less for hardware and then having money for games.

Or you have the guys playing nothing but one map in something like CS/LoL over and over and over and then BRAGGING that they don't buy games.

And then some people wondering why the PC release of multi-platform releases is an afterthought.

Here, let me give you an anecdote, do you know how Gaijin the developers of war thunder finish funding that game's development? They did a console game that was basically a pre-test of War Thunder:

They openly said that without that game, there would have been no War Thunder.

We also have more control over our platform.

That's right you do, but it leads to:

We have mods.

Mods exist because BRICers and Second Worlders are too cheap to buy games. Gamers who play nothing but free mods are why the PC is an afterthought. Sure there may be a few patches as well, but mods are the favorite of gamers who care more about free-as-in-beer than anything else.

We don't have to pay for multiplayer like complete fucktards. I can't believe you console nitwits pay for MP. That's fucking hilarious.

Servers are a continuing expense that cost money to run don't they? PC gamers pay for WoW or EVE subscriptions, right? So they're idiots too because all games should have free multiplayer? PS+ isn't just multiplayer, there are other benefits as well, besides, it's less than one game a year. $49.95. Yeah yeah, spend $$$ on an overpriced video card but $49.95 a year is too much to help pay for server costs.

You keep lusting after shooters that don't work properly on you consoles because you're using the wrong interface.

What interface is that? Who gets to say an interface is wrong? Isn't choice of UI a good thing? Some people might prefer a certain UI some might prefer something different. After all there are mods that change the UI in PC games, isn't there? And if it's controls that you're actually referring to, who says I can't use different controls?

You endlessly talk about how much better console X looks than console Y...

I don't do that, only idiot shooter and sports game only dudebro gamers do that.

The sony and MS consoles are stupid machines for stupid people.

While I wouldn't say that Windows is an OS for stupid people. I do think that just because one can game on a badly designed general purpose OS like Windows...doesn't mean one should.

Comment Re:Drones (Score 4, Insightful) 286 286

Exactly. What is the difference between an automated system and one with a human at the helm when you can just replace the human with impunity if he decides he doesn't want to help you anymore?

Its not like some criminal gang where a defector could mean consequences. A defector from the drone murder program is just....replaced. Even if 100% of pilots became disgusted with the job and refused within a year.... it wouldn't even slow them down, it would just increase their training costs.

Right now, there effectively is no difference between the existing drone program and automated kill bots. The problem is what people want to do and are allowed to get away with. As long as they can murder with impunity, the methods which they use are unimportant.

Comment Re:Under what authority? (Score 5, Informative) 294 294

The thing is...they can put whatever restrictions they want, and you can then either put up with it, or go to court over it, spend lots of money on lawyers. If you win, all you get is to exercise your rights, either way you pay out the big money; out of pocket.

Then, should you want another event, expect to be denied or offered the same terms and to AGAIN need to go to court over it, and pay out big bucks to win again.

Mass Cann here in Boston had this problem year after year. The city would deny their permit, they would sue, they would win, next year, same thing.

So effectively, there is a massive unapproved tax on events the city officials don't like.

Comment Re:You didn't get far in reading (Score 1) 55 55

That's one of the reasons I don't use sudo on internet facing machines or have a KVM exposed to the internet, but that's another story.
To sum up I just have the opinion that one step root access from out on the internet is an accident waiting to happen - especially if you are likely to log on from anywhere and not a known trusted address.

Comment Re:However the attitude above is broken (Score 1) 55 55

Make a good policy, no passwords, only keys, and every employee has one.

And that laptop thief that is going to get an employees machine eventually is going to have one click access to root on your server - now that's a major fuckup isn't it?

However if an employee has to do "sudo" all the time, they just start turning their brain off while doing it.

I prefer "su" so as to keep things entirely separate although others swear by "sudo" for user tracking - either way if they can't keep track of context they should lay off the drugs.

Comment Re:3%? Where did you get that from? (Score 1) 471 471

Only about 3% of what other countries call "nuclear waste" gets turned into actual waste. The rest is converted back into more fuel.

Clearly a major error which I addressed and you embraced as propaganda with a disgusting little goalpost shift trick. If you want to be taken seriously I suggest less deliberate dishonesty.

A large number of installed systems work by fiat. That is, they work by being declared to work. -- Anatol Holt