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Comment Re:Card counting works at the tables (Score 1) 38

No. Casinos are private establishments who reserve and use their right to refuse you service for any reason that they choose, including, being a good player who can do basic arithmetic.

Besides, if you shuffle the deck every round, then card counting is irrelevant. Its more like, casinos broke their own game and didn't want to fix it because they make more money/hr with it broken because it plays faster from a shoe.

Comment Re:How accurate is this? (Score 1) 38

Well stereotyping cheaters is still stereotyping.

Some of them, I am sure, are really good players. I wouldn't assume many are, but I think it depends on the scenario. For example, an MMO player often has plenty of incentive to bot, since it can grind for him while he does something else. He isn't cheating while he is playing, he is cheating in between in order to not spend his time doing less interesting grinding.

He is going to be a very different player from someone who jumps on a quick multi-round FPS game with an aimbot; and even he may have different motivations as some people, will be the delusional "I am actually good" guy, and others, may just be griefers who want to harvest salty tears from other players by ruining their day.

Comment And all the other shit? (Score 1) 320

So, are you going to fix the annoying CDN/download system, ie the one that doesn't give simple URLs, but instead force every download through a CGI script, instead of using a proper fucking CDN, DNS round robin, or load balancer?

Do you have any idea how annoying it is to want to download a tarball from Sourceforge to a remote system I'm SSH'd to, but I can't copy the URL to the clipboard and paste it into the command line without escaping the ampersands, or having to manually rename the file?

Plus, let's be honest here: you're not fixing this crap because you all care about the open source community. You're fixing it because projects left in droves and your advertising revenue dropped. Stop pretending this is about anything other than money.

Comment Re:the point about wind: power = speed CUBED (Score 1) 146

So? The obvious answer turned out to be a lot of windmills turning slowly instead of just one spinning really fast.

At 10 mph, it might, maybe have just enough power to overcome bearing friction

What exactly do you base that guess on coder boy? Your understanding of Visual Basic, Pascal, Java or maybe even C? If a wind at four metres per second is not moving a windmill then it's obviously a pretty fucked up design isn't it?

Comment Re:that would be nice, but weather systems are big (Score 1) 146

As for the "no grid" comment - bullshit. Just because the weakest links, the interconnectors, failed to avoid the entire lot going down does not mean that the regional grids are not connected. Do you really think there is an air gap? What do you think? did you think before writing? Maybe read what you've written again and ponder the meaning of it and how it contradicts itself, then perhaps try again with increased understanding.
To dumb things down maybe you can pretend it's DC and consider Ohms law to get a bit of an idea about a badly designed grid and a badly designed interconnector 15 years ago can mean that you can't feed it as well from the area next door as well as you can today.

Comment Re:if "flexible" means uncontrollable 100X variati (Score 1) 146

I'd actually MUCH rather have a bunch of 500MW nuclear units

Yes but demand fluctuates over time while those atoms keep on decaying faster than the heat can be used.

And if it means there's times when we just pump power to ground? C'est la vie!

Yes, let those greasy Moorlocks work it out while the coder boys play in the garden.

There's an energy mix for a variety of reasons. If you want to ignore that and bring the dicussion down to a grade school level, fair enough, but then it's best to stick to what you know instead of shouting into the darkness just because someone has mentioned something you don't know about.

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