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+ - Relief: IE users not stupid after all->

Submitted by TreyGeek
TreyGeek (1391679) writes "Recently there was a lot of hoopla over a study that examined the IQ levels of people and their preferred web browser. There were stories about the study all over the Internet, including here on Slashdot and in mainstream media. But now, the BBC says that there are severe doubts about its authenticity. It seems that AptiQuant, the folks who announced the study, only registered its Web site a month ago and that the images of staff members posted there are those of a proper and decent business in Paris called Central Test. So take heart IE users, you may not be so dumb afterall!"
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+ - Pirated Version of Windows 7 Has Malware Built-in 1

Submitted by TreyGeek
TreyGeek (1391679) writes "The Security Fix Blog has posted a story where the Damballa security firm in Atlanta reports a malware infested version of Windows 7. It appeared on P2P sites a few days after developers were allowed access to Windows 7 RC. Apparently, one of the first things it does when it boots up is checks an Internet server to see what additional kinds of malware to install on the pirated version of Windows 7."

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