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Comment Think this is a problem? (Score 1) 362

In Sweden they [as in newspapers and various losers] write it as you pronounce it in Swedish. The result is Mejl contra Mail. The samething goes with Site that becomes Sajt. I think its horrible use and it looks disgusting considering that I was online and using those words long before newspapers catched up on the jargong.

To me its of no importance if you write:


But when you change letters around for easy pronounciation [misspelled on purpose or something ;-] its another league.

Let the words be written as they where intended. And since e-mail/email is now considered as mail why not simply write mail as writers above me stated.

Well just dont moderate me as offtopic because i take this on a international level. We have more serious problems then just the '-' sign here in Sweden =)

I will have my way on this issue in Sweden and i will never surrender the true words of origin. mail is mail no matter how you write it with a e or not. But i will never change my spelling on it!!!

And how come there isnt a product called "send-e-mail" ;-) It sends mail dammit!

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