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Comment Re:long history indeed (Score 1) 396

What speech laws did Weimar Germany have? In practice, at least, virtually anything was permitted, from the revolutionary far-left to the revolutionary far-right, and everything in between. Hitler was never arrested for his speech; the only time he was arrested (1923), was because he led an armed paramilitary group to attempt a coup.

Comment Re:If they're going to invade our privacy (Score 1) 211

I noticed it most obviously when I lived in L.A., but what even counts as a "petty crime" seems to vary with the wealth of the area. If your middle-class house gets burglarized, that's a run-of-the-mill police report that doesn't get much investigation. But if a mansion in Beverly Hills is burglarized, now that's taken seriously.

Comment Re:lseek? (Score 1) 66

Yes, I think it's saying that object storage should get byte-range access, not that POSIX should; POSIX, as well as basically any local filesystem API, already does.

A lot of object-storage systems do already have byte-range access, though, implemented via HTTP range requests. They're not nice seekable streams, but if the specific functionality you want is to retrieve a range of bytes from a file, that's already here.

Comment Re:Alternative Encrypted Cloud Storage Providers (Score 1) 128

These are more techie-oriented rather than for general desktop use (they don't have shiny GUI sync clients, and are aimed at Linux/BSD users), but two I'd recommend: Remote ZFS filesystem you can scp files to, or access over ssh via a restricted shell that supports a range of backup tools. For encrypted backups, if you're on a unix machine, you can point duplicity at it. They've been around a long time, and have a warrant canary, though if you encrypt the files client-side with something like duplicity, they won't even have your data in the first place.

Tarsnap. Encrypted, deduplicating incremental backup. The encrypted blobs are stored on Amazon S3. Custom client that by design keeps them from ever seeing the unencrypted data.

Comment Re:He's got company (Score 4, Informative) 442

Americans of the frontier era were illegal immigrants even by the USA's own laws. The U.S. at various points in its history signed treaties with Indian tribes agreeing to settlement boundaries, and enacted them into domestic law, such as the various nonintercourse acts. Many people simply ignored these laws and illegally crossed the borders, squatting on land on the other side. Once enough of them did, they were retroactively legalized, what you might call "amnesty".

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