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Comment Re: Surprise? (Score 1) 64 64

I don't have enough years left to wait for the mythical political re-alignment of the universe.

The US political system is too broken to fix. I'm sorry if that sounds negative, but that's it without sugar coating.

There won't be any presidents who aren't republican or democrat. The money that buys candidates and elections is what put them in office, not their party.

Sorry, friend. America's population is fucked and there's no recovery from this state except a complete change of the political system. The system mostly worked a couple hundred years back, it's design being for a society without rapid communications and where you knew of people, really knew of them, by the reputation they held in their communities, not through the bullshit PR marketing lies spouted by campaign managers and party officials.

I'm not surprised by MSM ignoring Mr. Jones. What he's saying is uncomfortable to many everyday people because they need the reassurance that the government works the way they learned in grade school, and is offensive to those in power since he points out their lies.

Given a choice between Troll Kim Jong-un and Obama, I'd choose Kim. At least he doesn't act like he gives a fuck while he lies. You have to give him points for being up front. Unlike the great change, who's only managed to change the name of the head motherfucker in charge.

Comment Re: Surprise? (Score 1) 64 64

Oh, bullshit. Do something useful? Shit. Worthless advice.

You're spouting the same shit people said in the 70's. It didn't work when they tried it then and it's not going to work now. The money behind the throne won't let it happen, and as long as the current government is running the military and law enforcement, there is damn all anyone can do to change it.

There's nothing anyone can do to change shit from within the current political system. It's fucked and it has been that way since the 60's. This is the point where a benevolent government would step in and start providing covert arms and training to wanna be insurgents who want to free themselves and their country from corruption and self-serving, avaricious politicians.

Comment LOL. What? You don't have a dozen personas? (Score 1) 312 312

The only people bothered by this are the silly gits who have championed real names on the internet, the people who ignorantly believe they are only allowed to have one identity on the internet, and those foolish individuals who broadcast lives to the world.

Online IDs are cheap. They don't cost anything and you don't need to find a shady character in a seedy print shop to score one.

Comment Re:Don't worry, cash is still preferred for bribes (Score 1) 294 294

Whiskey in a large enough quantity to be truly useful is prohibitively hard to conceal and transfer. Whereas a palm full of high denomination paper bills slide across quite handily ;-)

That's why I love the Euro so much. €500 notes pack a lot of bang in a small package.

Comment Updates regularly KILL WINDOWS. Bad, MS. (Score 1) 628 628

So, WTF are they going to say about this decision once some future update fries a couple hundred thousand (or a few million) desktop machines?

They've obviously forgotten how often that their update service has killed Windows installations. It's a problem they've had since Windows NT days and it hasn't gotten any damned better for all their experience at the task.

A google search for ---> latest windows update crashes computer --- returns over 9 million hits. Obviously, that's not individual occurrences, but it does give an indication of the fucking stupidity of Microsoft's decision.

Comment Re: Who? (Score 1) 574 574

Dude, you have made an entirely wrong assumption about what "retirement age" people are doing. The retirement age people you're thinking about star in the medicalert and clapper commercials and they were around 80 then, and haven't gotten any younger during the 30-40 years those commercials have been running. Don't forget which generation put all that internet shit into play, kiddo ;-)

We're out raising hell, getting high, traveling, messing around, having fun, and doing the crap we postponed to take care of a pile of kids/pets/wtf/etc.

Also, since I don't want to make two posts for neil young's pretentious attitude, let me close by saying that this is wonderful news. No more of his whining, wailing, self-pitying bullshit songs popping up randomly when listen to rock tracks.

Comment The real reason they're bringing suit is... (Score 3, Insightful) 257 257

... they're ashamed and angered by everyone knowing that they made up a secret club and have secret meetings that any pack of 4th graders would be proud of. Seriously, ladies, now that the world knows, don't you feel kind of childish? Greeks: Providing a safety cuddle blanket for insecure high school grads for over two centuries

Comment Re:Again? (Score 1) 141 141

I was downtown for 9/11 and the last big blackout.

I can tell you from experience that the cell towers overloaded or had lost power within an hour of the planes hitting and almost again instantly when the power went off in the big blackout. During the blackout some cell tower installs were powered from building generators, but there was no where near enough to handle the volume.

Comment Re:Again? (Score 1) 141 141

Hell, sometimes they're hard pressed to even get in position, let alone operate. Hams have the advantage (if you want to call it that) of more than likely already having hot-damn eager people in place and ready to rock and roll.

StinkyPad is probably non-tech but interested in geeky stuff and doesn't have the background or exposure to be aware of this sort of stuff.

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