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Comment: Re:Screw Electric (Score 3, Insightful) 344

by Trebawa (#36648016) Attached to: Toyota Scion IQ Electric Car To Launch In 2012
And where do you think hydrogen comes from? Electrolysis. Using hydrogen just adds another step to the fuel pipeline, and with each step comes less efficiency. Once of the biggest advantages of electric cars is that they're fuel-agnostic - they don't care where the electricity comes from. As we move towards cleaner fuel sources, that's when we'll see our emissions really change. Not to mention that a coal-burning power plant is a heck of a lot more efficient, as far as ton of CO2 per watt, than an internal combustion engine.

Comment: Re:That's Not Ironic (Score 2) 288

by Trebawa (#35632790) Attached to: Hacked With Sql Injection
There are several definitions of irony, you know. One is an outcome of events contrary to that which might have been expected. You would expect a website concerning SQL to be well-protected against SQL-injection; in such a situation, an attack of this kind would not succeed. The attack did succeed, hence the irony.

Comment: Re:The Ivy League is the worst (Score 1) 256

by Trebawa (#34145358) Attached to: College Application Inflation — Marketing Meets Admissions
Here in education-dumps Florida, it wasn't too difficult for me to become a semifinalist. Unfortunately, none of the schools I'm applying to (I've gotten into one, so I cut my safeties off my list) give scholarships. However, it's important to realize the that vast majority of students don't pay the sticker price of college. Big-name colleges, and especially Ivies, offer very substantial financial aid, generally giving full scholarships for students whose families make less than $60k a year, and using a sliding scale where they pay up to 10% of their family's income if they make between 60k and 250k.

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