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+ - Acetaminophen reduces both pain and pleasure, study finds->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Researchers studying the commonly used pain reliever acetaminophen found it has a previously unknown side effect: It blunts positive emotions. Acetaminophen, the main ingredient in the over-the-counter pain reliever Tylenol, has been in use for more than 70 years in the United States, but this is the first time that this side effect has been documented.
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Comment: Re: over-stating the capabilities (Score 1) 405

I'm constantly complaining that I have to order from actual people. Places like Chipotle have the online app so I can simply place my order and then pick it up. If there wasn't a 30 minute minimum, I would just do it in line instead of waiting to tell a person. A few kiosks have to be more convenient, in the way that they can be like the self checkout at a supermarket. They'll still have a human attendant, just for multiple machines.

Prolonged Gaming Blamed For Rickets Rise 254

Posted by samzenpus
from the don't-let-the-scurvy-get-you-down dept.
superapecommando writes "Too many hours spent playing videogames indoors is contributing to a rise in rickets, according to a new study by doctors. Professor Simon Pearce and Dr Tim Cheetham of Newcastle University have written a paper in the British Medical Journal which warns of the rickets uptake – a disease which sufferers get when deficient in Vitamin D. The study boils down to the fact that as more people play videogames indoors they don't get enough sunlight and this has meant the hospitals are now having to combat a disease that was last in the papers around the time Queen Victoria was on the throne." At least the kids are eating enough snacks with iodized salt that we don't have to worry about goiters.
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Visualizing the Ideological History of SCOTUS 151

Posted by timothy
from the you're-just-objectifying-them dept.
langelgjm writes "An interesting exercise in quantifying and visualizing ideological shifts, the website tracks changes in the ideological history of the US Supreme Court from 1937 to 2007. Ideological positions are quantified using Martin-Quinn scores, and the chart highlights the often-bumpy transitions (Thurgood Marshall to Clarence Thomas), as well as tendencies within each Justice's career."

Comment: Re:Ok then... (Score 2, Interesting) 244

by Traxton1 (#26899845) Attached to: Researchers Hack Biometric Faces
Here's a high quality image of your face from your Facebook page. I mean, I'd have to join the Sacramento network, but its pretty easy if I wanted to.

I imagine and vulcan had pics too but you can't seem to keep them up. I like the cartoon image of you that you usually use though.