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Comment: Re:I'm still running Opera 12 (Score 1) 197

by Trax3001BBS (#49486443) Attached to: Chrome 42 Launches With Push Notifications

As soon as they get the mail client happening, I'm there. In the meantime I'm using Sea Monkey, which is OK. Hopefully I'll be able to import my old Opera bookmarks and address book into Vivaldi.

When Opera was first released they suggested using a different E-mailer as Opera's was so radically different than what was out there. How? Not sure, I've never used it, taking their word for it.

Vivaldi will import Bookmarks, Passwords, History and Search Engines (Selectable) from IE, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Bookmarks HTML or an Opera Bookmarks file. I've always saved a .HTML and .ADR file when exporting (backing up)) bookmarks.

There is no requester asking for ones bookmarks, pressing Import hangs Vivaldi, when restarted it's found some bookmarks to integrate and I'm not sure from where. Of my Opera 12's 3330+ bookmarks only 227 bookmarks were shown to of been added. I haven't used Opera 15+ enough to save many bookmarks (speed dial). 227 could be links that still work, but it hadn't had enough time to check, nor shown up on HTTPNetworkSniffer.

You can't tell the difference between a link or a folder within a folder, so a real mess in that respect. Each bookmark folder is selectable as a bookmark bar, testing it for this post, the folders are shown on every view, hovering a mouse above a folder shows all the selectable links it contains (very kool).

I set it to be my default browser, seeing if "the Origin Game Plug-in" would work with it (the only reason I use Firefox). It won't -Vivaldi won't load, killing the Vivaldi process and closing Origin is required, so Firefox stays.

I've made a list of improvements and fixes (I feel required (ie: close all tabs)). This post fits well into it. It's a start but a ways to go yet.

Comment: Re:Actually the same thing happened to the Shuttle (Score 1) 117

by Trax3001BBS (#49483097) Attached to: SpaceX Dragon Launches Successfully, But No Rocket Recovery

So apart from the in-flight power, the relight, the targeting, the vertical landing, and the water landings, what's the difference?

Ok, busted, didn't read the article -didn't wish to see it fail. Saw the short vid of it and it did came very close to being successful.

Comment: Re:I'm still running Opera 12 (Score 1) 197

by Trax3001BBS (#49475929) Attached to: Chrome 42 Launches With Push Notifications

Check out Vivaldi browser if you haven't already.

It's webkit based, but they're aiming to build a big, old-school Opera, full-featured and poweruser friendly browser aimed to satisfy old Opera fans.

I read their story, and it's Opera, so I tried it and will give a go for a bit at least. As a test I entered /. and sure enough the old nicknames still work.

Comment: I'm still running Opera 12 (Score 1) 197

by Trax3001BBS (#49474899) Attached to: Chrome 42 Launches With Push Notifications

Some fluke allows it when you install 15+ over the top of it :)

I still have my bookmarks and very few sites don't allow it now it's been blessed by Opera 15+. But it has started opening a new page instead of a tab and really becoming distracting (not what I'm used to).

Opera 15+ is just Chrome in a different GUI.

As for these push API's it appears more important than ever to delete ones cookie after leaving the site, Opera does this as does Firefox (my back up browser) or it's claimed to.

Comment: Aspirin is much better for you (Score 1) 186

by Trax3001BBS (#49467049) Attached to: Acetaminophen Reduces Both Pain and Pleasure, Study Finds

But hospitals don't stock them or least they claim not to, cause it makes the blood thinner (easier flowing) yet give one Sodium Warfarin to do the same thing - difference is Warfarin will cause you to bleed to death.

  I avoid Acetaminophen, Tylenol what ever you want to call it, it's a liver killer. Consider that they mix it with codeine as a pain reliever; they would rather harm or even destroy your liver than allow misuse.

+ - Accelerating Universe? Not So Fast->

Submitted by (1140205) writes "A UA-led team of astronomers found that the type of supernovae commonly used to measure distances in the universe fall into distinct populations not recognized before. The findings have implications for our understanding of how fast the universe has been expanding since the Big Bang.

Certain types of supernovae, or exploding stars, are more diverse than previously thought, a University of Arizona-led team of astronomers has discovered. The results, reported in two papers published in the Astrophysical Journal, have implications for big cosmological questions, such as how fast the universe has been expanding since the Big Bang.

Most importantly, the findings hint at the possibility that the acceleration of the expansion of the universe might not be quite as fast as textbooks say.

The team, led by UA astronomer Peter A. Milne, discovered that type Ia supernovae, which have been considered so uniform that cosmologists have used them as cosmic "beacons" to plumb the depths of the universe, actually fall into different populations. The findings are analogous to sampling a selection of 100-watt light bulbs at the hardware store and discovering that they vary in brightness."

Link to Original Source

+ - Ask Slashdot: Recommendations for Home Surveillance Systems?

Submitted by Chewbacon
Chewbacon (797801) writes "At the repeated recommendations of a friend and rise of theft in my area, I have been looking around for a home surveillance system. I have researched doing a DIY system with Zoneminder and POE cameras as I have a home server for backup and media storage that could get the job done, but that seems to be an expensive route compared to the packaged systems. Some of these packaged systems are linux based and would lead me to believe I could add my own touch to the configuration and add my own offsite redundancy. I at least need HD video, weather proof/very resistant cameras, infrared at night, and only about 4 cameras. We already have a monitored home security system, but I'm not interested in their products or increase in monitoring fees. What is the community's experience and recommendations for this?"

Comment: 4 move checkmate (Score 0) 109

by Trax3001BBS (#49445229) Attached to: A Data-Driven Exploration of the Evolution of Chess

It's the least amount of moves (duh) involves the Bishop and Queen, you can get away with it once per player - I figure nobody expects a fast game and doesn't see it coming. and the dumb founded look is priceless.

I don't like to play chess cause I might lose, but when forced into it and I have been; I always win. No brag just a fact. One person demanded a second chance and won that one as well. He was the "chess master" and beat everybody he played, I wouldn't play him and how I was forced into it.

User Journal

Journal: Don't need any fancy phone after all.

Journal by Trax3001BBS

I have a Samsung S5 ($700) for it's 17.9 MegPix camera, problems with the bill forced me to get a back up phone. I picked up a "track phone"; a Samsung "Gusto 3" and while it won't do anything special it's a damn nice phone and once my contract is up I'll be getting a track phone from now on. S5=$100 a month with limits, Gusto=$35 a month, the phone itself cost $10 with unlimited texting and phone calls. I purchased the cheapest one I could find.

"You must have an IQ of at least half a million." -- Popeye