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Comment Privacy Badger (Score 1) 48 48

EFF has an ad/tracking blocker
  it's a brain dead little thing that sits unobtrusively in the menu bar of Firefox. It detects 3 trackers from /. so I block them, but my HOSTS file is what's really blocking what needs to be.

I installed it yet never really used it, noticed it one day (that's how unobtrusive it is) and now use it to block EA.COM while I play my games.

Actually I don't think it's blocking anything just telling me what it can as my HOSTS file is doing all the work, but for a real simple ad/tracking blocker it's ok.

Comment Re:host file level adblock (Score 1) 292 292

the list i use only blocks known ads.

And those ads will be blocked, by editing it yourself your taking the bias out of the one who made the list, and blocking what you want blocked. Mine started from years ago and now at 144272 lines, yes it's huge but effective.

I have disabled the DNS Client service (Windows) as it can cause problems.

This is a small grab from the top of my HOSTS file these are my private blocks something you won't download from any list. was added just yesterday use it's a very good address to see what goes on here. All points end at but through Google addresses and lots of them; by being an end point it doesn't affect Google access in any way. #social site alert #social site alert #Acdsee auth check #duh # regexbuddy #Scanner Program #Scanner Program

(When I run my Scanner it likes to phone home, I don't need that)

Comment Re:A consortium of Cerner, Leidos and Accenture (Score 1) 177 177

You obviously don't know anything about MUMPS.

- There's no need for reserved names, that's correct. Nonetheless, coding practices dictate that you don't name a variable "if" or something silly like that.

A variable of NULL would have no problems? As time goes on people are not aware.

I've nothing against MUMPS and your write up informative but that one line caught me.

Comment Re:Is this any different from Google or Apple? (Score 1) 469 469

In order to use Siri on the iPhone, or Google Home on Android, you have to give up the same information that Microsoft is now requesting with Windows 10.

You can turn off most if not all of the settings, but you loose some of the functionality. It's up to each user to find the "right spot" in this balance.

While a few years ago Google changed their policy forbidding rooting of ones Android, they aren't that hardcore about it.

Google's own are by Motorola so there's no question which phones are. Once rooted you can add a HOSTS file, add a new ROM (many to chose from), or just have control. It's who your cell phone provider is as to how hard it is to root. Net Neutrality answers this by saying they must allow it (maybe not that bluntly, but gives users more control) - time will tell.

Comment Re:Thread on this on the [H]ardOCP forums (Score 1) 469 469

Lots of good tips for chopping out the crap.

One of the many good tips is: disabling the "Windows Search Indexing" service, I've always done that whatever the version of windows, (it started with Win95 and it's 100% CPU usage) using Agent Ransack instead (it's only fault is no cache).

Comment Windows Insiders account (Score 1) 469 469

From the article in summery

"If you're a Windows Insider who has been working with the various review builds for some months, this may well not be news"

I created an Insiders account, my hotmail address wasn't accessible so created a new one, which once in references the hotmail account and my real name (I'm a handle person).

I read the ToS which you agree to allow microsoft access to your system, it's microphone, web cam, whatever's connected to it at anytime. I went as far as downloading Win10 in January, but just couldn't agree to the ToS so never installed it and not sure where the file is now (just that it's not where it's suppose to be).
Just the fact I always place electrical tape over a webcam as I never use them, I'd of been violating the ToS (whatever that would mean).

After reading the article, it would be to ones benefit to know the .cpl files for the security options, if you run Win10 you can just call the .cpl files instead of digging around; I'd be looking for those.

The article also answered my question of installing Win10 or not, so just a matter of what the gaming industry does. I prefer playing on a PC but will go to the PS4 if need be.

Comment Re:To stop all communication with Microsoft = work (Score 1) 469 469

It takes a good amount of powershell, registry editing, and dism to script-remove this malware from windows 7, and if you were letting windows update since April, the damage is already done.

You are the only or first person (not in the loop) I've encountered that knows this ie: KB3035583 (Install date April 4th). If you read my journal please forgive the CWX reference, it's GWX (cataracts have since been removed).

Comment Yes, HOSTS file repost from $10 Solitaire (Score 1) 469 469

Mentions a HOSTS file editor, a reply to that will show you how you can block what bothers you.

Microsoft is tricky to block, a lot of the times you end up blocking a certification site. has two programs I use HTTPNetworkSniffer and smartsniff (both require Wincap) as well as reading ToS's is how I determine what's needed to be blocked. is what I use to make sure I'm not blocking something I shouldn't.

I've no reason to upgrade, Win7 is a fairly decent OS.

8.1 (spare laptop) got a lot easier after learning the Win key takes one to a normal screen and putting a shutdown shortcut on the desktop: Shutdown.exe /s /f /t 10 -But it's just a container for music/movies and not connected to the Internet, no reason at all to screw with it.

Comment Re:host file level adblock (Score 1) 292 292

use this system wide adblcoking.

I'll give it a try, I edit my HOSTS file by hand and UltraEdit, HostsXpert I've used but has a tendency of replacing the space after local host with a tab.

Microsoft is tricky to block, a lot of the times you end up blocking a certification site. The very first thing your system (Win7) does is send a request to Microsoft, that I blocked after KB3035583. has two programs I use HTTPNetworkSniffer and smartsniff (both require Wincap) as well as reading ToS's is how I determine what's needed to be blocked. is what I use to make sure I'm not blocking something I shouldn't.

Editing ones HOSTS file is becoming quite an exercise.

Comment Re:Windows Solitaire?? (Score 1) 292 292

Well, I've always said it was the only decent software Microsoft ever wrote...

New Bank branch was opening the next day, I was installing the security system. The tellers, managers, all had nothing to do, they had been trained and ready, everyone of them were at their station playing solitaire.

Comment Sonic Booms (Score 1) 31 31

With my Dad in the Air Force sonic booms were common place, the SST (Super Sonic Transport) battle made them stop entirely (only certain situations are they allowed anymore). It's rare to hear them anymore. I've even a story that shows one can even be accused of firing a weapon when one happens, people just aren't used to them, or never heard one before.

Comment Re:Don't buy the cheapest cable (Score 1) 368 368

It's worth paying a bit more for solidly-built cables that meet spec (and especially for Ethernet cables, for some guard on the cable that keeps the clip from snagging or breaking off it you need to pull it through a tangle).

You mentioned everything needed but one, the wire needs to be Copper and not Aluminum


Anything beyond that is a bit silly. see the arrows? Signal is best if the arrow points to the input :)

Bus error -- please leave by the rear door.