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+ - Researchers Clone Cells from Two Adult Men (stem cells)->

Submitted by Trax3001BBS
Trax3001BBS (2368736) writes ""Lanza’s group used caffeine to prevent the fused egg from dividing prematurely. Rather than leaving the egg with its newly introduced DNA for 30 minutes before activating the dividing stage, they let the eggs rest for about two hours. This gave the DNA enough time to acclimate to its new environment and interact with the egg’s development factors, which erased each of the donor cell’s existing history and reprogrammed it to act like a brand new cell in an embryo."

Stem cells is my take on this feat."

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Comment: Re:tie that to K'nect camera (Score 1) 108

by Trax3001BBS (#46781691) Attached to: 52 Million Photos In FBI's Face Recognition Database By Next Year

Well I have been Samsung.
Nice Smart TV with decent processor+application set.


They no longer update it. I got my two updates and that is
all I get. Netflix has new but NO the update is unavailable
on this model.

I have a nice Android phone but wait I have been Samstung again.
They no longer update it. The version of the Android kernel does
not use the graphics accelerator and the battery life STINKS.

In all fairness there are two troublesome actors here: AT&T and Samsung.

My tablet is not exactly as bad but it also has hit its update
limit for the core Android bits.

I have a Motorola Xoom tablet very nice, much nicer due to CyanogenMod, Team Win (TWRP) and now Omni (thank you).
I rooted it long ago, it stopped getting updates at 4.1, Omni took it to 4.2.2 and right into the openSSL problem (Netflix); but Motorola said it couldn't take it past 4.1; Omni reformatted the drive structure, ah hacker's gotta appreciate em.

T-Mobile MyTouch is my cell phone and a bear to root, it updated just after I got it and that was it, stuck at 2.3.4. The update was just to block rooting and a good one it was.

The pre-installed software assumes I'm a social fanatic, I don't have Google+ as I told them I don't do the social crap (at which point they joined two of my accounts into one -Grin- (when I log in to youtube, I'm given a choice between the two)).

+ - Kepler-186f: Most 'Earth-Like' Alien World Discovered-> 1

Submitted by astroengine
astroengine (1577233) writes "About 500 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus lives a star, which, though smaller and redder than the sun, has a planet that may look awfully familiar. With a diameter just 10 percent bigger than Earth’s, the newly found world is the first of its size found basking in the benign temperature region around a parent star where water, if it exists, could pool in liquid form. Scientists on the hunt for Earth's twin are focused on worlds that could support liquid surface water, which may be necessary to brew the chemistry of life. "Kepler-186f is significant because it is the first exoplanet that is the same temperature and the same size (well, ALMOST!) as the Earth,” David Charbonneau, with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, wrote in an email to Discovery News. "Previously, the exoplanet most like Earth was Kepler-62f, but Kepler-186f is significantly smaller. Now we can point to a star and say, ‘There lies an Earth-like planet.’”"
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+ - Federal appeals court says EPA can force power plants to cut mercury emissions-> 1

Submitted by mdsolar
mdsolar (1045926) writes ""A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld regulations adopted by the Environmental Protection Agency to cut mercury and other emissions from large power plants, a setback for states and energy trade groups that have been challenging Clean Air Act regulations during the Obama administration.

The decision by a three-judge panel at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit means that coal- and oil-fired plants must purchase scrubbers and other equipment to prevent 91 percent of mercury from being released into the air during the burning of coal.... The Department of Energy forecasts that capacity retirements will reach 60,000 [megawatts]""

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Comment: Drones to anyone who has a need via miltary (Score 3, Informative) 33

by Trax3001BBS (#46775891) Attached to: FBI Drone Deployment Timeline

Doh! it's deeper than it reads.

Ethan Kidnapping (child kidnapping case in Alabama. ):

"The FBI had borrowed from the U.S. military high-tech detection equipment similar to the technology used to discover homemade bombs in war zones, three Defense Department officials told CNN.

It was unclear whether the equipment, which is not readily available to civilian law enforcement, had been used by the FBI.

One of the defense officials said no members of the military were involved in the rescue. They would have been acting a technical advisers, the official said."

Comment: Re:tie that to K'nect camera (Score 1) 108

by Trax3001BBS (#46765219) Attached to: 52 Million Photos In FBI's Face Recognition Database By Next Year

and we are one step closer to a 1984 'Big Brother is watching' world....

Or a jump...

I bought a SAMSUNG UN32F6300AFXZA smart HDTV as a computer monitor.

If you don't like what the product does, just don't buy them.

That wasn't a complaint. I bought exactly what I wanted (well it was to be 120 Hz) and it suits my needs perfectly, it's the features that you start getting into tracking. I don't use the any of the features, nor have I acquiring an account, and as long as I don't hook the lan into it (allow it's WiFi) I'll have no problems.

I've read the ToS (there are two), and Privacy Policy I know what I can and can't do, and how to prevent the shout-outs.

I posted about the HDTV to show that other people have the same system in their domiciles, and no clue to what is happening, it's very rare for "anybody" to read a ToS or Privacy Policies, I do.

It was a comparison to the Xbox and it's kinetic whose ToS and Privacy policy I haven't read yet know it will be much less of a tracker due to public opinion and all the noise about it, Have you heard a thing about a HDTV as a tracker? Of course not, they are under the radar.

Like I said my HDTV is one hell of a data miner if used as it's meant to be used, I use it as a computer monitor.

+ - Your StarCraft II Potential Peaked at Age 24->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "StarCraft II is popular among competitive gamers for having the depth necessary to reward differences in skill. A new study has found that your ability keep up with the game's frantic pace starts to decline at age 24. This is relevant to more than just StarCraft II players: 'While many high-performance athletes start to show age-related declines at a young age, those are often attributed to physical as opposed to brain aging. ... While previous lab tests have shown faster reaction times for simple individual tasks, it was never clear how much relevance those had to complex, real-world tasks such as driving. Thompson noted that Starcraft is complex and quite similar to real-life tasks such as managing 911 calls at an emergency dispatch centre, so the findings may be directly relevant. However, game performance was much easier to analyze than many real-life situations because the game generates detailed logs of every move. In a way, Thompson said, the study is a good demonstration of what kinds of insights can be gleaned from the "cool data sets" generated by our digital lives.'"
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Comment: Re:Don't take the job (Score 1) 108

by Trax3001BBS (#46762849) Attached to: 52 Million Photos In FBI's Face Recognition Database By Next Year

I have *0* respect for a person who submits to photographs, fingerprints, credit checks or drug tests to get a job.

I have an FBI file, being cleared by them for a job I enjoyed and got lots of money doing it. Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad -Meat Loaf.
The loss of your respect was comforted by the money being made.

Was required to obtain a Q clearance before 1993, after that date there is no FBI involvement There was also only one type of Q clearance (the link mentions two); I was a Q clearance with assess to vital areas.

On the bright side I now have a list of all the places I've lived, even their addresses which were many, (Air Force Brat). My Mom worked there as well so she did the leg work for past residences required for the PSQ (what needs to be filled out, and your request for a clearance).

You can request all of the information they have on file for you, through the Freedom of Information act. I wanted to see what others said about me :} so got mine - You can pick up the paper work for the request at any government office, and it doesn't take that long to be mailed to you.

Comment: Re:tie that to K'nect camera (Score 2) 108

by Trax3001BBS (#46762439) Attached to: 52 Million Photos In FBI's Face Recognition Database By Next Year

and we are one step closer to a 1984 'Big Brother is watching' world....

Or a jump...

I bought a SAMSUNG UN32F6300AFXZA smart HDTV as a computer monitor.

While I haven't read the Xbox ToS and Privacy statements; I have read the ones for this HDTV, it's one hell of a data miner that claims it's jurisdiction in some city in South Korea.

It can match the Xbox and Kinetic for intrusiveness and I'm sure surpass it.

The difference is you must supply a webcam for the HDTV, this is used for gestures (no joke).

With a built in WiFi, it will most likely be connected to the Internet 100% of the time, this is to use it's features, which includes social applications; so when someone hits a like button of yours somewhere it shows on your screen -being an example.

Everything you do, and watch with this HDTV is monitored and saved, this is for it's "S Recommendation" feature.

I only use it as a monitor (the price was right), and have yet to establish an account for it; which is part of it's features set-up.

Some of it's features (which I have no use for).

Smart TV
The Samsung Smart TV finds the movies and TV shows you like – and more. Navigate within the 5 Smart Hub content panels. Easily discover movies, shows, and social posts with less searching and more watching.

Smart Hub
Our new interface organizes your entertainment and content into 5 convenient panels: On TV, Movies and TV Shows, Social, Apps, and a panel for your Photos, Videos and Music.

S Recommendation
Find something good to watch. Simply click the recommend button on the remote to get instant recommended shows that are on now.

Full Web Browser
All the benefits of full web browsing, right on your TV. From social sites like Facebook and Twitter to news, weather, entertainment, blogs and more. Discover even more content possibilities with your Smart TV.

Built-in WiFi
With WiFi built right into the TV, no additional equipment is needed to connect with an existing wireless router in your home network and start browsing the web, accessing Samsung Apps or other Smart TV features.

It's also not 120Hz as claimed but 60Hz, I watch TV with my Plasma 600Hz HDTV which is also 60Hz.

Comment: Re:Fine.. (Score 1) 312

by Trax3001BBS (#46744501) Attached to: Russia Wants To Establish a Permanent Moon Base

that is because of the Obama's administration ineptitude.

Obama has really turned the tables.

I think it was wrong to go into Iraq, more so for the reason(s) given. But a show of force is never a bad thing.

China said it was going to set up a permanent base on the Moon, a week later the U.S. is once again on the lets go to the Moon band wagon. This lasted as long as there was the "money was no object" attitude of the U.S. people.

With the with problems in Ukraine recently. Obama's weak and harmless "conditions", had Vladimir Putin grinning. You can read Putin in Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin statement of "now lets go to Mars" approach of US. space flight. which I see as Obama being mooned (Grin).

This is as close as I get to politics.

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