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+ - Breaking America's Dependence Upon Gasoline->

Submitted by
Travoltus writes "It's official: America has an addiction to gasoline, and it's a costly, harmful addiction. Drilling domestically for oil only provides a temporary proverbial hit, but inevitably that, too, will run out. Here is a quick and practical way for America to escape its abusive relationship with oil dependency — that is, if we're willing to stop making excuses."
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+ - Proof that loss of privacy leads to real harm->

Submitted by Travoltus
Travoltus (110240) writes "If you don't have anything to hide, you don't have a good reason to worry about losing your privacy. Right? Perhaps you do have something to worry about anyway — unless you can walk on water. This story uncovers a vast, distributed, decentralized epidemic of snooping into databases of personal information by workers at major utilities, the IRS, and other large organizations. Most striking is the incident involving now ex-Mayor Marvin Pratt, who had a pattern of being late paying his bills; this was leaked to the media and may have led to his losing re-election. As one can imagine, the harm becomes much greater when this same snooping is done by Government officials to deal with political enemies, or snooping by corporations to catch whistleblowers."
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