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Comment: Television and Radio (Score 1) 158

Both these are becoming more and more about the computers that actually do the work and the production people have NO idea how to get the most out of their equipment. Even the engineering staff (that's Me), frequently has problems with networking and programming for various background functions.

Comment: Re:Comment from the article... ? (Score 1) 577

by Travco (#34743024) Attached to: Thousands of Blackbirds Fall From Sky Dead
I don't know about Siberian micro-tornadoes but, I have seen a Michigan version. NOT a dust devil. This was a warm summer day, I was bicycling down a country road and heard an unusual sound - sort of a rushing/sucking sound. The location was sharply defined as I rode by so I turned around and rode back to the loudest point and stopped. I couldn't see anything when I first stopped, but as I stood there the "tornado" crossed a patch of dirt and became vizable due to the dust it sucked up. I was no more than ten feet from it and felt no unusual breeze but it was forming a very nice column as high as I could see about 12 - 18 inches across. The MOST unusual thing I've ever seen.

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