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Comment Yes and HNo (Score 1) 252

Exactly - people want to see all this data

Yes (well, some).

and have Google log/display it.


Why do you think we (or anyone) want Google to log it? That is not needed, if I want it logged I would GREATLY prefer that be done by a local app of some kind, where I control the data from it directly.

I can imagine future politicians, where it's leaked exactly how many times the driver of his car went over 75MPH... as just one example why not everyone wants Google to log it.

Comment Re:Monopoly on what exactly (Score 1) 207

Because you're paying the fucking Uber driver.

When I've had friends drive me somewhere I offer to pay for gas, and usually pay more than the gas would cost.

Try again.

I really can't believe that people are still trying to pretend that Uber is just a ride-sharing service like giving your dear old mum a lift to the shops.

I can't believe you think that's what I am saying. I am not saying they ARE the same. I'm saying, legally, HOW ARE THEY DIFFERENT.

Since you can't answer that why should the law be able to?

Comment Re:Monopoly on what exactly (Score 1) 207

I can't pay them to encourage them to ask.

Why do you think that makes sense?

It's just as poor an example, and badly worded at that.

In fact if you gave someone money without asking for sex, then they asked you for sex, that would in fact be quite legal... People do that every day in normal relationships.

Comment Monopoly on what exactly (Score 1, Insightful) 207

Can you be picked up after calling a friend to come get you? If yes, why not when you "call" an Uber?

Just saying "legal monopoly" doesn't mean much without details.

I've been to London a number of times. I think London is the only city I've ever been where I really liked the cab system (black cabs specifically that is) - the drivers are friendly, the cars in great shape and clean.

But even so, what if you can't find one? If you call (if you can call) you might be waiting a long time, or have to walk a while to where you pick one up.

London is I think a model city where the black cabs and Uber can co-exist really well - because the black cabs already set a high bar of service, they are actually worth what the charge. Uber would take away minimal business from the black cabs overall, basically people who were really cheap or couldn't find a cab.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 0) 839

Why should you not lose in any group of humans if you are not willing to go along with power dynamics? You can either try to find a group that does not contain humans or you can figure out how to work with it.

You call them out and make whatever happens work for you as best you can.

For those that think power dynamics only applies to men, HA!

Comment You have one last hope (Score 1) 269

Well Slashdot, the Republicans that so many of you despise, are your last line of defense against the rod that is about to be rammed into you...

Lest some of you still harbor some iodide supposition this agreement will be desirable in any way, just look at the updates to DRM

Since Hollywood hates Republicans even more than most Slashdot readers, you'd think blocking this would be a no brainer. But many are swayed by money...

Comment Re:How racism? (Score 1) 576

Let's see, your proud of a country that conducts illegal wars

Well I'm not responsible for what happens when progressives gain power. They are on the downslope again though.

is ruled by corporations and their money

See previous point.

is number one in gun deaths

Not even close to true - see: South America, Africa

is rapidly becoming the most hated country in the world,

I'll just close with saying we are hated by all the right people, consider that you hate "free speech zones".

It's fine to be hated by the immoral and corrupt. In fact I am VERY proud of that.

Comment Not a substitute (Score 4, Insightful) 117

It's not a substitute, it's a complement.

A truck goes exactly where you need it to go, not some hub somewhere where you have to send it out by truck for 100 more miles anyway... You simply cannot do that with trains.

Even though freight trains will still be around because of massive hauling capacity, you would STILL need a robust trucking infrastructure just to handle the "last few hundred miles" needs.

Comment Why is any of that a problem? They are apps. (Score 1) 259

Seems like a risky game to play, given that their services heavily depend on ad funded sources for data.

Pretty much nothing you mentioned would be accessed by general users much on the web; mostly through apps where the advertising (if any) is not blocked.

Comment Re:Wonder which is against this (Score 1) 222

There I can see Apple not wanting to write it.

But Amazon has already shown it's perfectly happy to be on other devices - the PS4, Roku, etc. So it seems like they would also want to be on Apple TV.

If Apple didn't want something like Prime Video on AppleTV, then why DO they have things like Netflix, Hulu, HBO on the Apple TV? I just can't see the reason why either side would be against the other in terms of Amazon Prime.

Comment Wonder which is against this (Score 1) 222

I have to wonder why it is that after all this time Apple does not have Amazon Prime...

It wouldn't seem like Apple would care, Apple doesn't run a Netflix like service, it would just be another thing that would make AppleTV better.

Amazon obviously wants people to adopt Prime more and a large vector for that happening would be AppleTV adoption.

Both have substantial things to win, and very little to lose by Prime Video being on the AppleTV. So who is blocking what?

I had a second thought about Prime not being on AppleTV though - Since Amazon can just do an app, I think they will be on AppleTV near launch.

Comment So no Prime for AppleTV then (Score 1) 222

I had been hoping Amazon Prime video would be added to AppleTV. Guess this means pretty much no way that's going to happen.

I had been meaning to order a number of things from Amazon, looks like a great time to explore other purchase options.

Not gonna lie though; probably will keep Prime.

I guess Apple (and Google) would be within bounds to pull the Amazon app, and see who blinks first...

Comment Some is Better (Score 1) 1148

This assumes that the people with the guns respond

Better some chance than none, which is what you have currently. I will always take small odds over no odds.

But with an increase in school shootings, if you allowed students to be armed the odds someone would respond would also increase - again, over the possibility of zero that exists today.

Your "assumptions" are foolish since there are many examples of people responding to help others, even if it puts themselves at risk - and again, even if any one of those assumptions were correct, it lowers the odds some but never down to zero, which you have now.

Gun Free Zones statistically are not any safer than Gun Accepted Zones.

Might want to re-check your statistics after today. We also know areas with stricter gun laws have worse gun crime, because criminals with guns are unopposed and take advantage of that fact.

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