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Comment: Re:Lots of reactionary comments here (Score 1) 730

by Trashcan Romeo (#47867273) Attached to: Apple Announces Smartwatch, Bigger iPhones, Mobile Payments
Bono said today, "Working with Apple is always a blast. They only want to do things that haven’t been done before — that’s a thrill to be a part of.” This makes me wish I could travel back in time to 1983 and tell my 16 year old self that while "New Year's Day" is indeed a great single that becoming a fan of the band will not pan out in the long run.

Comment: I'll consider it a personal favor... (Score 2) 310

... if you Democrats and you Republicans will, just this once, stop trying to frame this massive criminality as something that Those Awful Others are chiefly to blame for. On this matter - as in all matters of true importance to the Empire - the two wings of the Money Party are in complete, intimate, and profound agreement.

Comment: Let's keep it simple (Score 2) 134

The US government has the ability to spy on every electronic communication you make, it has been exploiting that ability to the fullest for many years now, and it will continue to do so forevermore. It will do so for the sole purpose of increasing its own power. If put to the inconvenience, it will lie to your face about it. This state of affairs will prevail regardless of which branch of the Money Party is in power. And there isn't thing one you can do about it.

Comment: Re:Sure (Score 1) 208

by Trashcan Romeo (#46573963) Attached to: White House To Propose Ending NSA Phone Records Collection
At this point, I'd expect nothing less from him. But isn't it silly to complain about the NSA? We have reached the point in our slide into fascism that the government loudly proclaims the "right" to - and in at least several cases that we know of - actually has executed American citizens without trial. (Including a 16 year old kid from Denver whose "crime" was having the wrong father.) To complain that such a regime is also spying on your communications is a bit like complaining that one's torturer has bad breath.

Comment: Re:Yeah, you can totally trust your data... (Score 3, Informative) 335

by Trashcan Romeo (#46478643) Attached to: 1GB of Google Drive Storage Now Costs Only $0.02 Per Month
Well, putting a Sally Mann photograph in my non-shared, non-public SkyDrive account was enough to have an FBI guy visit my house at night and ask to look through my laptop for child porn. Not as unpleasant as an actual prosecution, of course. But a nasty enough jolt, I assure you. And if a local DA felt like making my life miserable for some reason?

Comment: Re:Dangerous precedent (Score 2, Insightful) 321

by Trashcan Romeo (#46352221) Attached to: Google Ordered To Remove Anti-Islamic Film From YouTube
I've been watching a lot of old "Law & Order" episodes recently and every time a character says something pious about "constitutional rights" I can only snort with derision at what a period piece the show is now. In our time - what might be conveniently described as "The Cheney Era" - the only rights you have are those that pose no inconvenience to the government or the business interests that rent it. If it suits the government to have you killed, you will be killed - and with no messy court paperwork to bother about. If it suits Comcast to monopolize broadband access, the FCC will roll out the red carpet before them.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."