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Comment: Re:Accepting Responsibility (Score 2) 349 349

Hm, so, you're saying if you wrote some software that has undesired, incorrect behavior that could easily be considered deeply insulting and someone told you about it or even-gasp-complained, you'd tell them to stop fucking whining. Oh, and insult anyone who thought an apology for your fuck-up is appropriate.

What a piece of work you are. Just the sort of person I'd want to work with or have designing products. I'm sure that when a bad outcome comes about, despite your behavior and decision-making clearly having been perfect, your response will be polite and professional.

Comment: Roll Out (Score 1) 127 127

Oh, so now it's possible to roll out Adblock Plus? I wonder what I've been doing by requiring the plug in via the Google administrative template in group policy.

Though, it might be nice to suppress the initial run page, which seems to be what the article is actually praising.

Comment: All your games (Score 5, Informative) 193 193

The summary and article:

you can play all your Xbox 360 games on your next-gen console.

Ars Technica:

Much like the Xbox 360's limited support for the first Xbox's games, more 360 games will be added to the backward compatibility list over time--and there's no guarantee that a favorite 360 game will ever be brought forward to work on Xbox One. Nonetheless, Microsoft promises over 100 titles to start, with hundreds more coming in the future.

For some reason, I find the second quote much likelier.

Comment: Re:Spending more than you earn (Score 1) 166 166


Its not because all men in it are assholes, its BECAUSE THEY DON'T FUCKING LIKE IT. They are wired differently than men, this is a KNOWN AND ACCEPTED FACT to anyone who doesn't have political correctness shoved so far up their ass they can taste it.

Absolutely. There obviously can't be any external factors that could discourage girls from getting into computer science.

Comment: Re:Ride one in January (Score 1) 100 100

I use Citi Bike as the first/last part of my commute, between the train station and work, all year round. It's about .75 miles, and since it's not convenient (or economical) to take mass transit that short bit, it's a question of either walking in the cold or biking so I'm in it for a shorter time and generating more body heat.

I'll admit I don't bike when there's an inch or more snow on the ground or it's raining harder than a light drizzle, though.

Comment: Re: We do not consider it abuse to request a refun (Score 1) 126 126

why not just have an 7-14 day price guarantee with an auto refund?

Because not everyone will return a game that just dropped in price (or even be aware of the price drop), and Steam gets to keep the difference for the people who don't.

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