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Comment Half Conspiracies (Score 3, Insightful) 303

The moon landing and cancer-cure suppression would be actual conspiracies, but climate change and vaccine-caused autism are less thought to be malicious conspiracies and more incorrect group-think*. There is no spilling the beans to be done.

* Yes there are those who claim genuine conspiracies, but by far the vast majority of people who, say, believe climate change is not man-made nor catastrophic think it is incorrect science.

Comment Re:YT will also remove videos that don't play ball (Score 1) 236

Agree, but removing the videos seems excessive. If they opt not to sign up for the Red model, they could just be moved into the same category as the average person's cat videos, where Google put their own ads around it and you get no cut.

However, I imagine this might be contractually difficult for the same reason they can't automatically put everyone on Red deals.

Comment Re:Reasonable Access (Score 1) 267

Me also.

Daytime: I sit in front of a desktop with relatively unencumbered internet access.

Evenings: If I choose to use the internet (and I usually do), my desktop has full internet access.

Commute: I cycle to and from work, no chance to use the internet

My Nokia brick is on a pre-paid plan, mostly just texting my wife, costs about $5 per month. There is zero requirement for me to check work emails out of office hours, and anything other than a full keyboard drives me crazy. For my use case a smart phone and data plan would be redundant.

Comment Re:alogrithms aren't racist (Score 2) 352

Alogorithms aren't racist

FacialRegion *face = DetectFace(bmp);
if (face != nullptr)
      if (face->avg_col.r < 10 && face->avg_col.g < 10 && face->avg_col.b < 10)
            / / Be racist
            result->order = ordPrimate;
            result->genus = genGorilla;
            / / Be homophobic
            result->order = ordPrimate;
            result->genus = genHomo;

Comment Re:What's that you say? (Score 1) 528

Which do you prefer? Freedom, Higher risks and higher reward? No risk, less freedom, but a lower standard of living?

It's a valid question and different societies prefer a different balance. Germany prefers the latter compared to the U.S., and in fact the U.S. has been steadily moving toward the same for decades.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

This quote has always struck me as asinine. "Essential liberty" is just begging the question - essential anything is essential and by definition should not be given up (those who give up essential safety to purchase temporary freedom...). Aside from that, the entire thing is an assertion and contains no logic or reasoning.

Liberty and safety are somewhat in conflict and a compromise needs to be found. Trumpeting only one of them is unbalanced, and why should someone lose their rights to both because they strike the balance at a different place to someone else? Is that really how rights work?

Comment Re:Because I did not read the original article... (Score 1) 260

My preference is unsweetened cocoa powder, which may not really be chocolate, I've never been sure

It depends if you consider chocolate to be the finished product or the processed beans, but it's a sliding scale. You can get 99% chocolate that has no extra sugar or milk and it's still recognisable as chocolate.

You sound like you know all this, but the processed beans produce "cocoa mass" which is made up of two components;

- Cocoa butter (a pale yellow fat with little flavour)
- Cocoa solids (a dark, strong powder, pretty much what you buy as cocoa powder)

White chocolate is only the butter with a bunch of milk, sugar and flavourings, and is often said to not be real chocolate because it doesn't contain solids. This is where I remain unsure also - is the determining factor the presence of solids, or the presence of both solids and butter? Personally I am happy to call it all chocolate.

Comment Re:Logic (Score 2) 260

Are you referring to processed chocolate or the growing of the beans? My impression was that Central/South America don't do much processing of chocolate, and that the U.S. doesn't grow cocoa. Beans are generally roasted, blended and processed in first-world countries.

So you'd want to say;

"The best beans come from Central and South America rather than Africa", or

"The best chocolate comes from France, Switzerland and Belgium"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's my understanding.

Comment Re:Heh. (Score 1) 260

He's even written an entire book defending his conduct through the whole thing, I guess that's a way to use the publicity to work around his destroyed career.

But this thread proves the whole story. Even those with 'correct' scientific beliefs are susceptible to believing what they want to hear, and it will become accepted canon that Andrew Wakefield was deliberately fraudulent and admitted it.

Comment Posts to Newsfeed (Score 2) 50

Samzenpus' shit-stirring title: "Top Publishers To Post News Stories Directly To Facebook Timelines"

First line of the article: "... which posts news items directly to a user’s newsfeed."

The use of "timeline" suggests these articles will be auto-posted to people's walls, which is not the case and would seriously annoy most people. Currently there is a side box of trending articles - this change, while still mildly annoying, will simply put the articles in your news stream where it is less easy to ignore.

Comment Re:Nothing learned? (Score 1) 86

Yes, all the fighting calculations are done on the server. The client doesn't get to do the dice roll for how much damage a swing of their golden mace did. However the client will do their own temporary calculations as to whether the mace can swing (target is in range, last swing is complete etc.) and update the graphics to start showing the swing. Generally the server will return with the damage, or whether it was a miss/block, before the graphical swing is complete, and the client can therefore show the result in real time.

If the server comes back and says, no, your opponent had just moved out of range then the client has to stop it and it looks a bit jerky. A similar thing happens for movement. The client will move your character instantly, but ultimately the server will sync and tell the client the real position. I believe in some games you can take advantage of the server erring on the side of client smoothness (by tolerating lag and therefore giving a little trust to the client) and get your client to cheat by running a few percent faster.

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