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Comment: Re:Joke sailed over your head (Score 1) 123

by Trane Francks (#45018947) Attached to: New Threat To Seaside Nuclear Plants, Datacenters: Jellyfish

Yes, I'm fully cognizant of the nutjob whale lovers (tried it at my MiL's and nearly vomited) and the danger of fugu (tried it and managed not to die). The joke failed on the "if it takes effort" part. It would have been funny were there any effort being made to promote it; in the absence of any effort, there's also an absence of requisite irony.

Comment: Re:Rampant Jellyfish (Score 3, Informative) 123

by Trane Francks (#45009759) Attached to: New Threat To Seaside Nuclear Plants, Datacenters: Jellyfish

If an "effort" is required to get Japanese people to eat something that comes out of the ocean, you really don't want to go near it.

Kurage (jellyfish) have featured in the Japanese diet throughout history. There is no "effort" of which I'm aware, and I've been in Japan since 1991.

Comment: Re:Comment your code (Score 1) 590

by Trane Francks (#33495476) Attached to: Programming Things I Wish I Knew Earlier

Yeah, but the perversity of the universe is such that the company you're with in 10 years could buy up (or be bought by) the company with now, and you could end up responsible for the very same code...

I spent almost 14 years at my last job. I maintained the same code base for several applications that evolved over that entire time. And when somebody comes across a bug in a program you haven't updated in 2 or 3 years, you're bloody grateful for comments that let you know what the code is doing.

I also think that comments should not only describe intent, they should describe function. It's there where we can often see a discrepancy between what we want the code to do and what it actually does.

Comment: Re:augmented reality (Score 1) 238

by Trane Francks (#32851046) Attached to: Some Birds Can See Magnetic Fields

Makes me think what other "natural augmented reality senses" are possible, or even already exist in other species.

In our own species, some claim to be able to perceive life-force energy in a multitude of fashions, e.g., tactile, sight, taste, etc. The entire energy-healing paradigm is based on this premise.

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