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Comment Re:Certification Policies (Score 1) 117

CCIE Routing & Switching labs can mostly be virtualized now (switching is still a bit problematic but you only need about 4 3750-X switches not that expensive), it still is a very difficult exam I barely managed to pass on my second attempt. If you look around online you can also virtualize most of the CCIE Voice lab as well, with the exception of the voice gateways but the cost for these isn't too bad either. The worst of it all is the amount of time investment required to pass, it's just pure insanity. My R&S took a solid 8 months of preparation for two attempts, each exam attempt I also took two weeks off prior to the test and dedicated all of my time to 100% practicing. Honestly, looking back on it all....CCIE certification is NOT worth it!

Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 816

The Black Hole was "Faust" in space, I didn't really see it as a Star Wars rip-off. Also Maxamillion was far more terrorfying to me as a kid than Darth Vader ever was, a cold, unstoppable, silent killer robot that got up close and personal that would eviscerate you with spinning ginsu blades! The ending was totally surreal art-school with biblical overtones and space-opera mixed in, I'm shocked Disney even let that film through.

Comment Re:Basic martial arts. (Score 5, Interesting) 196

Not true, many instructors (Sensai, Sifu etc) will tell you to stare at the centre of your opponent's chest. The eyes can lie, if look at the centre of the chest you get a better field of view of how an opponents limbs are moving which can allow you to react better against a feint or a true attack.

Submission IBM 5150 turns 30->

Tragedy4u writes: On Aug. 12, 1981, IBM introduced the IBM 5150, the first personal computer to achieve widespread consumer success. Although other companies had built similar systems in the past, the IBM model was such a success that it became synonymous with the term, personal computer. In the introductory press release, C.B. Rogers, a company vice president at the time, said the company's goal for the 5150 was for it "to be the most useful system of its kind."
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Comment This tragedy isn't even over (Score 1) 430

And already people are trying to plan their new energy infrastructure, and nuclear power opponents are using this tragedy to push their agenda's. This is part of the real shame, these people need food, water, shelter and medical aid now...they're not ready to plan new infrastructure or fend off environmental activists.

Comment Re:I TOLD you. (Score 1) 445

Would I steal something that "costs" $100? How about $1? Thats pretty much free. Less that two vending machine soda cans. I'm guessing the dollar store has a lot less shoplifting than "upscale" Target or Kohls.

The cost of the item has little to do with whether or not people will steal it, have you ever ran a garage sale before? People try to steal everything, even if it's only 5 cents.

Comment Re:This will be great! (Score 1) 143

I feel you are a bit optimistic in your latentcy figures, are you taking weather into account? I had to setup a satellite data feed a couple times in my career, anytime the sky became thick with clouds, a bad rain or snowstorm the signal strength degraded significantly. 10-12ms was rarely achievable.

Comment Re:Low success rate? (Score 1) 205

Being inefficient with tax payers money for a system that barely works, is not compassion. Could the money used used be put into an other program that could retrieve even more children.

I'd like to see what happens if you expressed your opinion on this system being an inefficient waste of money to the parent's who got their children back from this system. Seriously what price tag do you place on life? One child, allowed to grow up, has the potential to change the world.

Comment Re:And for those not interested in reading TFA (Score 1) 140

Science, schmience! Don't you know this is the end of the world as we know it? Hollywood, H.P. Lovecraft and the Mayans predicted our doom. This green cloud is elder god Azathoth growing, and slowly devouring the universe. Grab your tinfoil hats folks, pack food into your backyard bomb shelter and call NASA to find out when we need to duck and cover!