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Submission + - Google is actively developing products against users of alternative browsers (

epSos-de writes: Google said: "Don't be evil". In reality they are actively discriminating against browsers that are not based on Google Chrome. Opera is repeatedly crippled in gMail. Google's Java Scripts are prohibiting Opera users from selecting and copying text in the Opera browser.

Opera did resolve the issue with every new release, but Google still keeps changing their code, so that users of Opera are not allowed to select and copy text, when they are using gMail. The first few times, it was suspicious, but now it is too obvious that Google is actively developing products that can not be used outside of the Google Chrome.

Submission + - Aggressive Android Adware and Malware on the Rise

An anonymous reader writes: With adware gleaning more user data from people devices than they would normally need too and developers bundle more than one adware framework into their apps, user privacy is increasingly taking a backseat to profit for developers and advertisers. More and more unknown third parties now have access to user browsing history, phone numbers, email address and everything they need to compile comprehensive and personalized user profiles. User privacy is taking a serious blow as adware targeting Android devices jumped 61 percent worldwide in the five months through January, while malware expanded 27 percent and adware in the US expanded 35 percent, according to a study by Bitdefender Labs.

Comment Re:Lithium limited? (Score 2, Informative) 211

depends. right now were're surface mining lithium salts from exposed salt flats. theres no telling how many rich veins of lithium salts are hiding in valleys or near aquifers. i'm sure someone is working on that, but until someone runs analysis on where those veins might be i doubt anyone could tell you. more than likely battery technology will move beyond lithium long before (100 years?) we run out of lithium "ore" you can just shovel off the ground and into the back of a truck (Seriously, do a google image search for "lithium ore" - they literally shovel it right off the ground into piles, and later into pickup trucks)

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