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Comment: Re:It's all about sales (Score 2) 666

by Traegorn (#36220068) Attached to: Users Want Matte LCDs While Glossy Screens Dominate

We, as consumers, are idiots.

Stop being a consumer. Manufacture what you need. Personally, every time I hear the word "consumer", I think of an infant on a teat. When I think about the degree to which I am a consumer despite my best efforts not to be, I'm ashamed of myself.

So you build your own LCDs from scratch now? I'd love to see your hand crafted motherboard! :P

Comment: Why I love my 3g iPad... (Score 1) 395

by Traegorn (#35886732) Attached to: The Tablet Debate: 3G Or Wi-Fi?
I travel to conventions, and while many hotels have free wifi, in my experience it's often flakey... And actually some of the nicer hotels (like, say, the Twin Cities Sheraton) charge like 20 bucks a day for wifi. It's because of that, that I got the 3g iPad. I only pay for the dataplan a few months of the year too, so it's not like I have a constant bill for it. I also found that I was thankful I had a 3g iPad last night when I lost power for an hour. My wife and I propped up the iPad onthe smartcover and watched a show on Netflix over 3g. Very, very handy.
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+ - Intelligently deranged creationists at Baylor->

Submitted by OMITSDDI
OMITSDDI (666) writes "Dr Debmski, after a spat over an "intelligent design lab" at Baylor university and a decision going against him and his friend, publishes the home phone numbers and street address of the regents of the university and advises his blog readers to contact them "respectfully" and try to get the ID research lab reinstated. The lab's just a website really, and it'll disprove "darwinism" if left alone. Honestly. Here is the page Here is some other commentary PZ Myes take on it"
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