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Submission + - Linsuit? Lawspire? Or: When distros end badly->

Tracy Reed writes: "Remember Linspire? That quirky distro who thought it was ok to run everything as root? And Michael Robertson, the founder of MP3.com and then founder of Linspire? Whatever happened to those guys? It turns out that Linspire was purchased by Xandros under what some found to be suspicious circumstances and then Michael Robertson was sued by shareholders over the mess and then when a former employee of Linspire's started blogging about it Michael Robertson sued the employee to shut him up, according to the employee who was sued. That's a whole lot of commotion over a failed distro!"
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Submission + - MS censors comments on Singularity blog

Tracy Reed writes: "I found out about Singularity via programming.reddit.com a day before it appeared on slashdot. I was the second post on the singularity site. Right after the current first post: "I'm glad Singularity has been released. When I first read about the project a year or so ago, I wondered what would become of it." I said that this isn't open source and that this is why I prefer Free Software and that the confusion of Free as in freedom vs free as in cost is better than the confusion over open source you can't actually do anything with. They have deleted my post. Bastards. The current second post which says "Please do not worry about the "free software" demands. I'm very pleased to see the source of the (hopefully) next windows kernel." was in reply to my post about free software. Sleezy. Just sleezy. And this is why I don't do business with them."

Submission + - Intel laptop competes against One Laptop Per Child

Tracy Reed writes: "According to this article from the BBC, Intel has designed and begun marketing it's own low-cost laptop targeted at education in developing countries. "Chip-maker Intel 'should be ashamed of itself' for efforts to undermine the $100 laptop initiative, according to its founder Nicholas Negroponte.""

Submission + - Intel lends a hand to Vietnam's Communist Party

Tracy Reed writes: Intel is helping the Vietnamese Communist party. They are helping them to use Open Source software. Is the Free World now ok with our major corporations helping communists? I am glad they are using open source software but a MySQL database running on a Linux box containing a list of names of people to spy on, oppress, and execute makes me sick. Let's just hope they use it for good and not evil.

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