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Comment Let's all change our names. (Score 1) 282

A simple solution will be for everbody in the UK to change their name by deed poll to Luther Blisset. Then whenever you sign up for something just pick any old address. We're all Luther Blisset !

The political class in the UIK really are a bunch of evil, selfish, greedy bastards.

Comment And the technically literate... (Score 1) 191

And the technically literate are even more afraid of the internet because they know how shoddy a lot of the code running it is.

Not to mention the sheer crapulence of the average website (all javascript links, flash abominations, piss poor use of graphics, loading of javascript from multiple domains most of which is not even used etc. etc. etc.)

And let's not get started on how utterly dreadful the usability is on a lot of sites.

I've gone from being an early adopter to refusing to do a lot of things online (i.e. banking, paying bills etc.). It's not worth dealing with the complete suckage.

Comment Re:I won't upgrade. (Score 1) 681

> i can still run a DOS app on win 7

Yeah but you can't run XP drivers. Which breaks perfectly functional, excellent quality, EXPENSIVE, old hardware which quite a lot of us have.

One of the main reasons many of us had for using Windows was that you almost always used to be able to run your old stuff on the new stuff.

Now they just arbitarily break things on every release, introduce crap that everyone sane hates and release far too often.

My XP machines will be running until I die. In 2038 I'll reset them to 2000 and carry on (assuming I'm still alive). I've got spare motherboards, disks, graphics cards, etc. etc.stockpiled (One of the advantages of the sheeple upgrading when they're told is I get to buy perfectly functioning quality hardware for peanuts)

I run a PC to run the hardware and software I want to use. Not to "experience" the latest desktop metaphor thought up buy some 13 year old hipster who has no fucking clue about what an actual usable, productive interface looks like.

Personally I'd really like a 64 bit DOS based machine which would boot up to a truly minimal set up (kernel, access to hardware and filestore etc.) then just let me run the software I want.

Comment "Life" != Life (Score 2) 216

The phrase "life imprisonment" means nothing in the UK. Recently a man absconded from a prison who was said to be serving 3 life sentences. From reading the newspaper article reporting the case it transpired that his tariff was actually 13 years (sorry can't remember which paper or exact details).

So when being used by the UK justice system the term "life" would seem to refer to about an average dogs life. It's totally meaningless and quite frankly an insult to your intelligence.

This being the case "life" for computer related offences will probably mean you serve about 1/2 hour in an open prison - unless you take some money off someone powerful in which case you'll probably get a "life" sentence of about 10 years.

This doesn't take away fropm the fact that this is anoter pathetic, ill thought out, idea for legislation dreamt up by one of the useless cretins currently in parliament.

The UK justice system is a sad joke whose only purpose is to protect the rich and powerful (same as the world over really)

Comment Cloud is dead (Score 4, Insightful) 142

Dear America,

Following the Snowden revelations your NSA inspired dream of cloud computing and total social networking (i.e. full access too all the data in the world) is dead.

Nobody with a brain would even think of storing their data on an American computing resource.

Sincerely yours,

The rest of the world.

Comment And who decides what's available ? (Score 1) 339

So who controls what's available for streaming ? Corporations (again)

Ooh look, all those wonderful independent releases just dissapeared from the face of the earth because some uncultutred turd decided it was no longer commerically viable to store them.

Just look at the BBC and how most tapes of the early episodes of Derek and Clive got put into landfill so they could make space for tapes of Pan-o-bloody-rama (crapulent propoganda at it's finest) How many episodes of Dr Who have also been lost ? How many other culturally interesting things have been lost ?

If something's going to be streamed it'd better be in a format that I can make a local copy or I'm totally uninterested. I'm not paying per view and I'm not having what's available at any point controlled by some tasteless old white man in a suit whose only interest is rent seeking from other people's contributions to human culture.

So no thanks I like my local copies. I control them. Once I do get a spinning disc the first thing I do is remove the adverts and convert it to digital format so it only spins the one time I transcode it anyway.

Comment Re:I have your conversion right here... (Score 1) 860

I hear you. I'm stuck on Windows XP due to using Logic 5.5.1, 2 x Audiowerk8 cards and 2 Unitor interfaces.

The drivers for the hardware don't work post XP, not all the VSTs I use work post XP, not sure if Logic 5 will work post XP (some folks say it does but without the hardware working I've not even bothered to try it) so upgrading this machine simply isn't an option.

I've been using this setup for over a decade and I've got somewhere near a thousand songs/mixes etc. in Logic. This setup does what I need and I can whizz round it at great speed so I don't give a shit what Microsoft thinks about upgrading. I'll be running XP until either the hardware dies or I do (with me being more likely to go first).

Just recently stocked up on spare motherboard, hard drives, PSUs, processor & RAM just in case :)

New does not always mean better (hell, look at Windows 8 - it's absolute shite ;)

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 255

Wish I had mod points today because you're spot on. If someone wants to radically experiment with a new interface paradigm they should fork the existing app and damn well leave the existing one alone.

Especially when it comes to the desktop GUI and the file manager. Give the new shit as an option, but damn well leave the old shit in place as an option too and allow the user to choose which one they want to use.

Coders need to learn to respect users. People use computers as tools and tools should not be arbitarily changed.

Can you imagine if programmers made hand tools ? You'd come in to work one morning to find your hammer was a paintbrush head glued to the end of a chopstick and the nails had been replaced with rubber toothpicks because some newbie fresh out of kindergarten has decided that's all they need to do and it "lookz kewl".

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