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Comment I doubt there was intention to catch perpetrators (Score 5, Interesting) 118

Legends and myths grow around the historic events.

It is true that a couple of years before 9/11 events CNN/ABC sent a crew to meet Bin Laden's to get the interviews multiple times. Even two months before the events bin Laden was giving interviews to the local journalists.

If journalists could meet, why the fuck do we need electronic surveillance at all and later we hear complains saying that we needed more surveillance, since if we had more surveillance events would have been prevented. If journalists can get interviews freely, then I would be really stupid to believe that US, which has very powerful and most expensive intelligence agencies in the world, really wanted to catch him, because they did not.

Comment Once you start relying on FDA.... (Score 4, Insightful) 514

Bisphenol in plastics was only banned recently, while scientists were bringing information about BPA more than one decade. Glyphosates.... Some countries banned Glyphosate (roundup), yet our FDA does not want to piss-off Monsanto. I bet that in ten years Roundup will be announced as cancerogenic, together with the Roundup resistant crops. There were also thalidomides, DDT, mercury based ointments, vaginal mesh, quaaludes, asbestos, Vioxx, and multiple other things where "highly informed officials", having "authority", have subsequently banned products due to real health concerns.

Long story short, FDA is not really good at balancing between corporate interests and their direct mandate (protect health). Let's not get started at the vaccination issues.The FDA problem is minor though.

The problem starts when some people within our own population feel entitled to opine about others and impose their own opinions on others on the pretense that other people are less educated. And such people insist that others follow their beliefs. GMO Salmon is one of them. Irrespective whether concerns are rational or irrational, people have a right to know everything there is to know about the products for one reason alone: if something goes wrong people will not be able to sue the government, and there is little point in litigating fish farm in Panama.

I will personally stop buying salmon.... for 30 years, just to be on the safe side.

Comment So much for the gun control and gun free zones (Score 0, Troll) 965

France has really stringent gun control laws. That did not prevented Charlie Hebdo. That also did not prevented 11/13/2015 events in Paris.

Has somebody noticed that tragedies in free gun zones occur not when people are not armed, but when the right to bear arms is limited. Because criminals do no care about zones.

Comment Illusion of combat (Score 0, Troll) 173

This is an illusion of combat of the worries.

When one hand pointed to the physical presence of the servers and told "it is mine", servers were moved, just to defend from the legal argument. Then the other hand pays no attention to the physical location of the data, because, you know, it does not that matter where the data is. If it is online it is accessible to Stasi (or whatever the new name is) which, as we already know, shares with others.

Submission + - US Army cost overruns when building gas station (foxnews.com)

Trachman writes: Press agencies are reporting about significant cost overruns in Afghanistan, where DOD was building a gas station and the taxpayers forked out $43 million. Comparable gas station can be built for $500K.

It looks like this is a poster type example of how and why defense costs so much money.

Comment "99%"of the scientists were non-existant (Score 4, Funny) 119

Do you expect Retractions? There will be none. Part of the reasons is because those "99% of the scientists were non-existing from the beginning.

What you witnessed is a classical social manipulation, human tendency to conform and to be part of the group. If television tells you that "99% of the scientists" believe that Global warming is real, then you will probably accept additional carbon taxes easier.

The problem is that most of the scientists do agree that humanity is changing the earth. You no longer need to be a scientists to see that. For example, in Europe there are no more large populations of bears, tauruses, wolves and wild horses. These animals became extinct before industrial revolution. Last mammothes on Earth died when humans already knew how to write. Heck, some of the rhinoceros will probably be extinct this decade.

However most of discussions were about a) bankrupting US coal industry and closing coal factories (while China opens new coal electric plant almost every week) and b) imposing additional taxes on the taxpayers of industrialized nations.

Comment Global warming has been changed to Climate Change (Score 2, Informative) 119

Conveniently Global Warming initiative somehow morphed into the Climate Change, or, more accurately, fight against Climate change. I have to believe that every educated person will agree that the only thing that is constant it is change itself, including climate. Climate is changing slowly, also changes in cycles and has many variables. And yes, human are f***king up the biosphere.

NASA has issued new study saying that Antarctica stated that since 1992, a lot of ice has been added to the continent this is the link to NASA: https://www.nasa.gov/content/g...

Most cynical opponents to those who were pushing Global Warming were citing that it was about the money and carbon tax in the particular.

I am convinced that in my lifetime I will see another initiative related to the fight against Global Cooling. As such Climate Change is much more convenient because bureaucrats can fight any change irrespective of the direction of the change.

Comment They just can't do that (Score 4, Informative) 88

Internal propaganda keeps telling to the Russian audience of 150 million people that Russia does not participate, and that all the weapons, heavy flamethrowers, drones and tanks, are merely bought at military surplus stores.

Entire story would just collapse.

Russia does have a history of keeping the parallel history and making it official.

Comment Have some patience (Score 1) 222

VW publicly stated that they will going to electric car business.

Wait for Apple competition, Apple Car, in several years.

Hope that Toyota will deliver their water-electric (hydrodgen fuel) cell products.

One needs to assume that Chinese owned Volvo will roll out some models for the western market.

Then American manufacturers will follow. There is room for many manufacturers. I hope that prices will drop and there will no longer be dealers to deal with.

Comment Re:Easy, make them less rich (Score 2, Insightful) 444

You are right, wealth did not start trickling downwards, just as Obama predicted.

Rather than salivating about raising taxes on rich, there is much easier solution. Much much easier to understand and execute. Stop collecting taxes from the poor and middle class. I would say middle class family is the one which earns less than $300K.

Reduction of the tax burden for the little man and middle class would be felt and would appreciated much more than increase of taxes for super-rich.

Comment Are you a crypto masochist? (Score 2) 174

You say insurance is a rip-off. Amen to that.

But you also say that is "necessary"... You mention following epithets: Debt collection scum, considering anti-trust regulators, calling them a glorified discount program.

Yet all of this "necessary"?

Insurance is a relatively new invention, and like, many new inventions, are not necessarily designed to defend consumers.

In medieval ages Arab medicine was considered one of the best in the world. Chinese medicine was also highly advanced. All of the medicine prior to the XX century, whether advanced or not, had one thing in common and it was pay-as-you-go-basis.


If barbers and hairstylists were smarter, they would start their own hair cut procedure medical plan. After all, you will not start cutting hair yourself. You also need a training too.

Comment German Polizei makes sense (Score 0) 143

German Police made very simple very basic risk assessment. They probably have analyzed the root causes within the cases of bullying, sex predators, and have concluded that FB is one big opening where information is watched by the people you would never want anywhere near you.

It does not matter that you have "adjusted" your privacy settings as "private". Sooner or later children will be tagged and identified.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the Hague police warning to the parents is based on more than one instance of actual crimes committed, and that is probably the tip of the iceberg. A photo in a FB is not the end of the world, and statistics is prompting, that chances of being a victim are low, however not insignificant.

Yet, this is a risk and German polizei did the right thing of informing about this risk.

Comment Possible but unlikely (Score 1) 822

There is a difference between pools and guns. Insurance.

Insurance companies collect significant premiums from pools, and for them it is a significant business. I do not think that insurance companies will give up this profit center that easily.

Guns, on the other hand, are not usually insured. There are more than 300 million guns in US. If a premium is, say, $50 per year, can you imagine, then, $15 Billion gun insurance industry?

Comment Statistician's take (Score 5, Insightful) 822

In the United States there are approx 310 million guns owned by civilians. Let's not take into account millions of the weapons owned by military, police, Social Security Agency and other similar organizations.

Coincidentally, there is approximately one gun per one person in the US>

If there are 43 cases that involved, per year, that means there is approximately 0.000000143 probability that the toddler will be involved. Let's do some analysis here... There is an estimated number of more than 1,500 per year who win one million or more dollars per year in the United States. Statistically, 30 toddlers will win one million dollars before one of them is involved in accident.

There is one crucial difference. "Involved" does not mean there is a fatality.

Conclusion is very simple: The quoted number is statistically insignificant. Vaccination complications cause higher mortality than there are accidents involving guns. To finalize, there are many issues to be resolved before this topic is escalated. And put that gun to safe away from kids.

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