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Comment Nobel Prize is a tool to stir up (Score 3, Insightful) 46

Nobel Prize is sometimes given to stir up some local politics. While, I am sure, the writer is a talented intellectual, many times Noble Prize committee is choosing candidates to rattle the cages for the authoritarians and totalitarians in the recipients' original countries. Do not seek absolute and indisputable merits when researching the contributions of Nobel Prize winners.

It is a political tool.

It is also an investment to the weak and unorganized opposition to the moderate European dictator of Republic of Belaruss Mr. Lukashenko.

Writer Alexievich is know for the critics of the current regime in Belarus. Wise gentlemen decided to invest into visibility of the future leaders and intelectuals early...

Comment Re:Sound decision from Risk management perspective (Score 1) 203

1. EPA is trying to ban wood burning stoves. With that type of trend, in thirty years you will end-up in jail for having a barbecue in your backyard.

2. EPA actually polluted rivers by letting industrial waste/poison to them. 1 million gallons... http://www.denverpost.com/envi...

3. EPA is a money stealing organization, waste of taxpayer's funds. http://www2.epa.gov/sites/prod...

4. And lastly, EPA is cool with fracking. I am not. But because EPA is cool, you are also ok.

EPA is completely incompetent agency, 100% wast of taxpayer's funds, should have been closed. All they do is pretend to be working. And you must be one of those who says more government and more taxes is the best answer to every issue. Perhaps you should leave to North Korea.

Comment Sound decision from Risk management perspective (Score -1) 203

Sound decision from Risk management perspective. VW has 2% market share in USA.

No need to bash EPA on this decision. It was sound decision under the limited resources.

Now that we know VW diesels were not as clean a advertised, we still know that VW share is minuscule.

Risk based analysis is needed for every organization. Only for additional 10% income tax increase, spent on increasing the number of IRS tax collectors, it would probably be possible to collect 98% of all the taxes and to increase overall tax revenues by additional 40%. Almost 100% compliance is always a possibility, but rarely used in practice.

I would say close EPA and allow private independent companies do the testing. EPA has proved that they are useless, yet again.

Comment Re:Media Glorification of the crime, perhaps? (Score 1) 1163

I thought you forgot that gun is a right. Driving the vehicle is considered (arguably) as a privilege, yet most of the adults use drive the cars, which amount to 3,000 pound projectile on the wheels. Anyone with the driver's license can, or without it, but with the car can make a horrific crimes.

Gun ownership is a right, and a such it, by definition, is easier to obtain.

You have statistically approximately 10,000% higher probability to be killed by drunk driver than be shot by a mass shooter. If you are afraid of statistically barely visible probability to be killed in mass shooting, then, perhaps, you should carry a gun too so that you could defend.

Comment Media Glorification of the crime, perhaps? (Score 1) 1163

Media should take responsibility for glorifying the crime and the perpetrator?

Almost all the mass shooters were psychiatric patients that were on medications or suffered deprivation of medications, antidepressants to be specific.

There will be a ton of people who will blame, as usual, the guns.

Here is my top 2 list.

1. Media. First amendment has limits. If you will start screaming "Fire", people will follow the instinct of the herd and there will be stampeded. CNN and the like should be sued until the are left without pants, for non-stop propagation and advertisement of the crime. This promotion is consumed by insane individuals who will do whatever the CNN is telling them to do in order to become famous.

2. Antidepressants. Blaming Big pharma is just the same as blaming manufacturers of the guns. It is just a tool. Medical community should take responsibility for putting so many people on antidepressants.

Comment This is private competition to NSA et al (Score 4, Insightful) 447

This new website will be a private competition to NSA (or other agency) databases. Or a complement. Peeple will complement everyone's profile with the insights that would normally never be recorded on internet.

Currently US intelligence community "does not" have the files for absolute majority of the citizens. What they do have is databases, available to be queried and the profile of the websites visited, people contacted, or other activities. Imagine this as an old fashioned address book, supplemented with the key interests, ranked by popularity of the connections.

Privacy becomes a privilege. It comes with the cost.

Submission + - EPA considers sunny days harmful (twitter.com)

Trachman writes: EPA considers sunny days harmful for plants, according to their recent tweet. According to EPA, sunny days and the inevitable byproduct — Sunlight causes #ozone to form, which harms foliage, weakens trees.

I know that EPA will not try to introduce sun tax, and will try to stick with carbon tax, but I am not sure.

Comment Fiorina will be spanked during next debate (Score 1) 203

This may be a talking point during GOP debates. When GOP will start talking about fixing healthcare, they can be countered with Fiorina's success in Michigan HP project.

It happened during Fiorina's watch.

It can also be used as a talking point, that private entities operate better. Except private entities always underperform when they operate together with the state entities.

P.S. Obamacare sucks.

Submission + - Armed Helicopter has been used to track and kill driver in California (foxnews.com)

Trachman writes: This Friday in California police shot a driving car from helicopter. The victim has been a suspect of crime.

It is not clear whether the driver has been shot while driving the car, or he was shot after he fled the car.

My point here is that not only body cams are needed for the cops, but they really need to use gun-cams, so that the footage could be reviewed by the public.

Comment Granularity (Score 3, Interesting) 113

Truth is that up-to-date, accurate and detailed, organizational structure of army or other organization that participates in national defense is a prized reference tool useful both in peace and in a war time. Many of the organizations take extra precautions to distort, obfuscate real org chart and to hide key areas, such as communications/network, nuclear etc.

If enough time and efforts are invested all the org charts can be recreated, however in reality, due to the resource limitations only generals and top-lieutenants are in a typical org tree. Chinese made their own life easier since they have now a significant details and granularity of the information. Be sure that selected individuals will be targeted for intelligence and recruitment operations.

Comment Re:Punish the (really) guilty (Score 1) 956

You know the standard answer coming from the school, right of the bat: "We the teachers do not have training or experience to determine if the suspicious looking device is dangerous or not. Safety is our priority".

Who is here to decide? Courts? If the history is any guide, school will prevail and the young tinkerer will be in trouble for a long time and will have a reputation as a troublemaker. More importantly, his name is forever associated with some serious charges, that will stay on internet forever, irrespective if the dude is innocent or guilty.

Comment If pharma is so hated (Score 1) 165

Then their stocks should not be held by Calpers, and other pension funds of public employees. Those, so called, profits earned by Big Pharma first and foremost are used to pay to FDA, and, in essence, compliance with FDA rules. Big Pharma Companies generate dividends, which enrich many of the people who sincerely don't like pharmaceutical companies, while forgetting that Obamacare in essence legalized the monopoly, and monopoly to get the profits, of the very Pharma companies.

Comment Cars are made to secure maker and dealer profits (Score 1) 417

I do have a technology, engine immobilizer, popularized in 90's. I assume that this was a selling point back then to prevent car theft.

Reality is that currently it costs $2 to $20 to cut a key. However, the price is up to $350, or more, to program transponder in the key at the dealer.

My car right now is 10 years old and I do not need some sort of protection for the car whose value is less than $2000. More importantly, once, immobilizer stopped recognizing native original key, which required mechanic tinkering with the immobilizer and car computer.

We are talking about redundant entertainment technology? How about unnecessary technology, a software, which can disable your car in the middle of your trip.

Speaking about car electronics - currently cars can perform the self check, auto diagnose an tell you what is wrong with the car. Can, and actually do, are different things: all the car is doing is only telling you to return to the dealer for "Maintenance", when the "Maintenance indicator" lights up.

I wish automakers would follow the philosophy of low cost airlines - all the features are optional, and not forcefully shoved to the consumers.

Comment Eastern Europe - attidude needs to change (Score 1) 379

I think you got this one wrong, as your thinking is probably 20 years obsolete.

Cartridges are more expense in Eastern Europe. Many from E.Europe buy cartridges from US websites.

Cheaper workers..... Yahwn.... Eastern Europeans do not come to work to USA more frequently than Australians or Japanese. First of all, because they are part of 500M+ European Union now, where people can move freely. Europeans can travel to work to other country, such as UK or Germany, without visas, green cards, fingerprinting and the wait. It is cheaper to fly form Warsaw or Bucharest to Berlin or London, than to San Francisco.

To put it briefly: Eastern Europeans are not flocking to USA anymore.....

Comment Wrong premise (Score -1, Troll) 278

Morning sickness is not a disease to begin with.

So when spin doctors started promoting thalidomide it only highlighted irrationality of individuals and population. Regulation which banned thalidomide is not an evidence that government is a solution to all the problems.

Government does have a role within a functioning society to make it more efficient or, for example, to ensure common defense.

However rationale of governing is many other areas always perverted and illogical: one one side Government allows, heck, funds millions of abortions, meaning killing millions of people all in the sake of choice. On the other hand when people make stupid choice of eating morning sickness pills, smoke weed or get faulty breast implants, all of the sudden, this type of choice is no longer tolerated. Killing with one hand and protecting from voluntary harm with other?

Who get to decide which human choices government regulates and which ones does not?

What this country needs is a dime that will buy a good five-cent bagel.