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Comment: Absence of OPSEC is compensated by disinformation (Score 4, Informative) 180 180

Absence of OPSEC is counter-weighted with several hundred paid internet workers who do nothing else but work day and night to sway internet opinion.

As such, if there will be a report that there were dozens of Russians captured and hundreds of Russians killed, for each and every of the report there will be dozens of comment explaining that such findings are incorrect and fake. And that graves of the Russians are fake. And that Ukrainians are fascists and Nazis, from the failed state. Just read some of the comments for this article.

Regular reader of any news will be flooded with contradicting information and will choose to believe what he wanted to believe.

Comment: Transparency is best antidote (Score 1) 173 173

Some SF86 data has been copied? By definition this data is no longer secret. In the world of intelligence twisted legal logic does not work, such as announcing that the data is still secret and, thus, should remain classified. Beans have been spilled, make a first step and admit it.

The second and last step, In order to prevent blackmail is to make the data available for public. Once it is public, nobody can blackmailed.

Comment: Re:So we have a lack of people with wha skills? (Score 1) 614 614

Sir, if you run the manufacturing company, you should be knowledgeable that labor expenses, on average, is the largest expense component for manufacturing company in USA. Most of the companies choose absorption model to allocate labor expenses to the product cost, which is the reason they are hidden within "Cost of goods sold".

Now, if you look closely, within labor cost there are two most significant components: 1) taxes and 2) Net pay.

Ordinarily, Net pay represents and reflects the cost of living and the reason it is high because of overall taxation in the area.

To conclude, if taxes cut in half, you can expect to reduce your labor, services and material costs as well.

Labor costs are directly influenced by direct and indirect taxation.

Comment: Damage is exagerated (Score 1) 116 116

I think that the damage to USA is very much over-exaggerated. So, the article says, that the informational gate to one of the websites has been messed up for some time.

So here is the prospective: if 50 years ago some some villages boys would have desecrated the entry of the US military base by peeing on the gates, or dropping a dead animal, nobody would care.

Same with the desecration of US website. The readiness and combat abilities did not decreased at all.

Comment: Re:So we have a lack of people with wha skills? (Score 1) 614 614

Absolute majority of the pensions and other defined benefits do count on returns from the investments that investments plans are making.

Many of the retired people, teachers, firefighters are depending on dividends and capital growth within their pension plans.

Don't we have a circular logic here (or no logic): Retired teacher wanting pension is good, but if company in which pension plan is invested is trying to make money then it is bad.

Comment: Re:So we have a lack of people with wha skills? (Score 1, Interesting) 614 614

This is not a honest argument where lower taxes are associated with slashed services.

In USA, probably 50% of federal tax dollars are wasted (remember bridge to nowhere in Alaska and countless other instances).

Add to it all other taxes and inefficiency, and the pattern will follow to the state and local level. In NJ policemen in a bunch of counties were making $122K before overtime 5 years ago, that is not counting 20 year service to get guaranteed pension and medical care, which, converted to corporate job salary level equivalent make it a $200K job (when defined benefits are accounted for).

Lastly, the government itself is telling that there is so much waste and inefficiency in healthcare in US, however, according to the law, healthcare payments are legally a tax. Another tax, which is about to increase because insurance companies calculated so.

And If i am not convincing enough, why don't we listen to the owners and managers of the companies that choose to transfer manufacturing and to outsource. Truth to be told outsourcing also takes place even within USA, jobs go where there are skilled people and to the places with the lower cost of living, which highly correlates with the taxes.

Sticking head into the sand, and pretending that tax and regulatory burden is not part of the problem is very shortsighted.

Comment: Re:So we have a lack of people with wha skills? (Score 2, Insightful) 614 614

No, the skills and talents of US workers are fine.

You are missing the point that H1B workers will get trained and will go back to India so that they could work remotely in many instances.

The problem is that there is so many taxes, both direct and indirect, that it just makes more sense to assign a function, assuming it can be assigned, to the worker residing in India.

Back in India, Walt Disney IT technician will be a specialist, will belong to the middle class, and will do fine with 50% of the US pay.

Comment: Most people would benefit? (Score 2) 20 20

People might benefit from Lithium. Lithium is used to treat bipolar disorder, depression and it acts by increasing serotonin synthesis. The effect would be somewhat similiar to that one of Prozac, which is fluoride based medication.

The Problem is that In US there are already significant amounts of flourides added to the drinking water and effect similar to that of the Lithium is achieved, thus it is not quite clear how two medications can improve health.

Fluorides can also improve hardness of the population teeth, too.

Comment: Taxi cab companies are fighting the wrong oponent (Score 1) 20 20

Da*g! Taxicab companies are fighting wrong enemy. Uber is not their enemy.

Their enemy the airports of the world who will start providing service of picking up a passanger from home with automatic electric recheargeable vehicle as well as delivering the passenger from their home to the airport.

Automated electric autonomous airport shuttle service!

Predictable routes, access charging stations in the airports, availability of precious parking, Uber-like on demand and capacity planning of logistics, absence of unions, can become a very profitable business for the airports. Add on top of that transparent pricing, not exactly favoured by human airport taxi drivers and many people will prefer automatic taxicab.

As such Taxicabs WILL be competing with automated cars.

Difficult to tell who will be operating: airports themselves or they will out-license to companies such as Avis or Herz, but car rental companies, such as Foxconn, armed with new technologies, will change the landscape in the most innovative ways. After the most lucrative (widely known secret) airport transportation business is skimmed, the business model will be expanded to the rest of the taxi business.

Comment: There will be advertisments, for some (Score 1) 318 318

You can bet that there is an audience, certain type of clients, who would be very interesting to certain advertisers. Many sales departments are after the top strata of the society and their disposable income.

You can bet that if someone in a household with the income of $500K or more is watching a lot of netflix movies, then the revenues from advertisers would probably be more than enough to pay subscription fee and Netflix would probably even make a tidy profit.

Quite frankly, I am surprised that they have not rolled these type of memberships earlier.

There are... buyers of $4,000 tooth brush Reinast , $1,200 shoes, and $1,500,000 cars down there....

For the manufacturers of these goods targeted advertising on Netflix would open new avenues to increase their sales, a change from the traditional advertising done at Kentucky Derby, and old fashioned mail spamming, without actually wasting tons of advertising dollars for 95% of the non-targeted audience.

Clearly, Netflix is capable and probably will compete with Facebook after the advertising dollars, because many people spend a lot of time on Netflix only.

For these kind of clients Netflix not only will offer free membership, but will probably pay to watch it or would probably make available exclusive content.

And me??? I am waiting a job offer, or at least a spot award from Netflix for this idea...

Comment: Wait for further developements (Score 4, Interesting) 220 220

There were decades of twisted testing. Within graduate education world, I have personally met a large number of chinese nationals who barely could speak or write English, yet had perfect scores. Every graduate school knows this phenomena and this is the reason why certain asian related biases were formed. No doubt many of them are very smart people, but some just could not learn the language even in 3 or 4 years.

Many graduate schools no longer pay significant attention to certain test and yes, unofficial quotes have been created to counter numerous candidates with perfect scores.

I am waiting for further developments: perhaps a listing of thousands of people who benefited from imposter exam takers will be announced.

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