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Comment: At last. My childhood dream came true. (Score 1) 145

by Trachman (#49547393) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

When I was the child I have been dreaming of the television on my watch. I can have tv, apple watch, on my wrist.

I realize that I no longer want television on my wrist, when i have smartphone and computer around.

What we really want is a telephone that would fit to a wristwatch, possibly supplement with a hearing aid like almost invisible earphone.

I have a second cellphone, dumbphone, that holds the charge for 20 days. Thus, long battery life in the new wristphone would be nice too.

+ - N.J. schools with high PARCC opt outs may lose funding->

Submitted by Trachman
Trachman writes: Any New Jersey school that fails to have 95 percent of its students take the PARCC (Common Core) exams will be placed on a corrective action plan, and schools with especially high opt-out rates could have state funding withheld, state Education Commissioner David Hespe said Wednesday.

In 2015 many of the parents did not know that PARCC is optional. Could it be possible that Barbara Streisand effect will be noticed on the attempts to forcefully test the children.

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Comment: There is no free lunch (Score 5, Interesting) 277

by Trachman (#49527151) Attached to: German Court Rules Adblock Plus Is Legal

Ad money is how many of the websites finance themselves, pay their bills. From that point of view the AdBlock hating sites only want to show you the contents ONLY if you see the advertisements.

Expect further development of Ad pushing technologies, because the websites will need to get paid or they will go out of business.

I think industry should consider the example of Netflix: for a cost of one movie one can watch dozens a movies at the convenience of their homes. Last time I have heard Netflix is not a loss making company.

Comment: What is the objective of the research? (Score 1) 63

by Trachman (#49480551) Attached to: Magician Turned Professor Talks About the Math Behind Shuffling Cards

First of all, my respect to devoted professor and mathematician who is able to concentrate into observation and to think it through various aspects.

I have read article carefully and what it says is that certain type of shuffling produces desired random sequence of cards.

Also, consequently, we have mathematician who is trying to prove statistical correlation between how much time is spent mixing (smooching) and the randomness.

It can be proved empirically that this is a correct theory - the longer you shuffle cards, the more random sequence you have.

My question is..... what are the practical applications of this observation and what exactly mathematician is trying to prove.

Comment: Find a way to have internet access (Score 1) 137

by Trachman (#49475287) Attached to: Road To Mars: Solving the Isolation Problem

If station in Mars could have internet access, many of the people would not know the difference. They could have Facebook, email, wikipedia. Internet signal lag would be 1000 seconds or approx 15 min, but internet access is possible. To be precise lag will be between 3 to 22 minutes, depending on the location in the orbit. You can surely play chess, trade stocks, read news and leave voicemails.

Heck, NASA can already sponsor invention of new type of games where delay in decision making is built in. Quite frankly these type of delays already resemble tactical military operations where outcome of the order is not immediately known.

The next milestone will be invention of instant, quantum entanglement based communication. Where is the next genius who will find a way to transfer information in an instant.....

Comment: Seriously (Score 1) 152

by Trachman (#49468261) Attached to: Sharp Announces 4K Smartphone Display

While the picture and the quality are amazing, only a small fraction of televisions are sold are 4K,

The 4K content online is only experimental.

For televisions there are not too many 4k capable blue players.

Yet 100 times smaller cellphone has a need for 4K....

Let's fuckin hope that apple is nearly done testing their 8K, or was it 16K phones, just to show who is the boss here.

Comment: Not one quarter but six quarters since Oct 22,2013 (Score 2) 238

Simple google search will reveal that "October 22, 2013 was the official day the program has started by CUOMO".

Typical distortion and deception from the governmental officers.

The problem with NY is that they are offering as a perk something which is offered by other states for free, without even asking, such as low taxes and pro-business government.

Comment: Holding the nose again? (Score 3, Insightful) 676

by Trachman (#49459003) Attached to: Hillary Clinton Declares 2016 Democratic Presidential Bid

Hillary does have presidential ambitions, yes. There is a good chance that 8 years older, less attractive, bruised by most recent fuckups such as BenGhazi, Email and her recently exposed Bosnia sniper fire falsification, will lose to younger W. Warren.

From Republican side Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz will be rolled out. There is a chance that Rand Paul and Ted Cruz will be on one ticket.

I wish there was a third choice...

Comment: It brought a quick end to World War II... (Score 1) 167

Right.... Myth repeated many times becomes truth.

This myth is plainly obsolete and no longer withstands criticism now that WW2 facts are freely available.

If we were really that concern about saving human lives, we should have exploded Little boy and Fat Man in the same desert, in the presence of enemy nation's, Japanese, military representative and allowed them to film.

Hell in 1945, several month ago, Tokyo has been fire bombed and there were more victims in Tokyo (a total more 200,000 people - 90,000 dead and 125,000 injured), than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. More casualties did not bring quick end, but less casualties brought quick end.... this is the perverted logic that is being repeated again and again.

This self-righteous JUSTIFICATION is plainly ridiculous. There is no and cannot be Justification or Rationalization.

The fact is that this WAS a new weapon, and US had a vague idea of the power and consequence of the weapon and the war was a GOOD justification to test the weapon on Japs.

The fact is that at that stage of the war both sides have been committing war crimes.

In a fictional scenario where, for example, Germany dropped a nuke during WW2 on London, they would have been tried for the crimes against humanity.

The fact is that the Victors are not tried. Not for Dresden (designated children refuge) bombing, not for passenger ship Wilhelm Gustloff (10,000 civilian sank), not for many other war crimes that were committed in the name of "victory"

Comment: Finaly (Score 1) 44

by Trachman (#49401875) Attached to: New Yarn Conducts Electricity

Finally there is a respectable replacement for the tin foil. Electricity conducting fabric can also act as a Faraday cage, thus tin foil can be retired.

The problem is that such electricity conducting clothes will drive magnetic scanners crazy in the airports, and we should expect the roll-out of TSA procedures to screen naked people, for such clothes will be impenetrable to the airport porn scanners.

Comment: Iran is a sovereign nation (Score 4, Funny) 383

No matter how much that is being disliked, Iran is a sovereign nation and no other nation has a right to tell them what to do. Even if they wear funny dresses, hang criminals, and stone women suspected of adultery.

Yet, it seems, they have received an offer that they cannot refuse.

With the global powers playing reverse stick and carrot... Ukraine voluntarily gave nukes for guarantees and has been given a cold shoulder after 20% of the country was first raped then annexed. Israel has nukes and nobody dares to attack them, because they know that the response will be swift.

Speaking of Ukraine, Poland had guarantees in 1939 and back then Western Powers followed through and did declare war to Germany, when they invaded Poland. Ukraine had guarantees from 4 countries, yet were royally shafted.

Lesson learned by the governments: you never give up any rights.

Comment: Re:Repetition Bores People (Score 3, Insightful) 114

by Trachman (#49397563) Attached to: DHS Wants Access To License-plate Tracking System, Again

Except that DHS currently has access to those License plates. There are so called fusion centers which are supposed to be amalgamation of all the mass spying to one interagency group (consisting of multiple agencies).

The idea is that while they have access now and they are asking to legitimize.

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