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Comment Re:Benefit to end users? (Score 4, Interesting) 688

I don't want to speak for Matthew but when I read his post I see someone who simply didn't like the toxicity level that can or often does occur. Then he saw someone important, a maintainer, leave because of that same toxicity. He's right that he doesn't have to put up with that, it's free software. If forking the kernel is what he needs to keep his hands in the game he loves while being able to feel good about the environment then more power too him. I hope he succeeds. At the very least I can see some like-minded devs coming on board even if the project doesn't see wide-stream adoption.

Comment Re:Epic Fail? (Score 5, Insightful) 229

Did Target and Home Depot lose lots of customers? Yeah, didn't think so.

Completely different situation. AVG is saying they will include your browser history and searches, so on. For your analogy to be comparable it would have to be Target and Home Depot following people around who leave the store to see where else they shop, what they buy, and what they look for in catalogues/flyers. And then sell that to 3rd parties.

Comment Personal Experience (Score 1) 30

Although not scientifically documented as such I can personally confirm this appears to be the case.

After I damaged my spinal cord I had to take a series of tests to verify my nerve conductivity and signal strength was okay. I took these tests over a year and my last series showed, without a doubt, that my nerves had created new connections to essentially get around the damaged areas. I had regained signal strength.

I didn't have stimulation, just the testing so I think in my case it was just regular healing, but if there is a way to stimulate and increase the effects then awesome, I wish I had that opportunity! Anyone with a back injury will probably agree, we'd do just about anything to get our health on track again.

Comment 30+ Years of Coding (Score 1) 365

I fall into the old fart 'get off my lawn!' camp. I'm in my 40s and have been doing dev since I started 6502 Assembler on my C-64 way way back in the day.

To be honest I find the opposite of this article to be true... this old dog has no problem learning new tricks. I'm writing my best code now, and every day I get better. I can draw on decades of experience and use that to quickly assimilate new languages, data formats, communication protocols... bring it on! I feel quite confident in my ability to learn most new languages in relatively short time because I've seen the same functionality done so many times in other languages I know how the code should flow. That to me is a tremendous asset.

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