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Comment 30+ Years of Coding (Score 1) 365

I fall into the old fart 'get off my lawn!' camp. I'm in my 40s and have been doing dev since I started 6502 Assembler on my C-64 way way back in the day.

To be honest I find the opposite of this article to be true... this old dog has no problem learning new tricks. I'm writing my best code now, and every day I get better. I can draw on decades of experience and use that to quickly assimilate new languages, data formats, communication protocols... bring it on! I feel quite confident in my ability to learn most new languages in relatively short time because I've seen the same functionality done so many times in other languages I know how the code should flow. That to me is a tremendous asset.

Comment Re:Oh noes... (Score 1) 211

The real problem is normal users that do not really know what is happening on their computers and really do not care. It always brings me back to images of windows users with 20 different toolbars loaded in to IE.

Maybe they were just toolbar collectors? There must be some reason for their psychosis.

Comment Re:Not sure... (Score 1) 511

The original COD and UT99 games worked wonderfully right out of the box. Can't say the same for other games, the Battlefield series for example. BF2 was 8 months before it was reliable. BF3... well let's just not even go there.

EA pushes product out long before it is actually ready to go out. Some releases I wouldn't even qualify as alpha let alone beta or release versions yet the fanboys still spend their $59.95 with each new title popped out of the EA uterus. Then spend the next 6 months trolling the forums bitching about patches.

Comment Re:A bit of advice for our friends to the North (Score 2) 292

The current Conservative government is already bowing (hugely) to corporate interests. And they are actively crushing anything or anyone who gets in their way.

This is a government who:

  • - Closed down science research projects in pristine waterways where big oil wants to run pipelines.
  • - Told scientists that they can't say anything to the media unless it is cleared by their 'handlers'.
  • - Refuses to provide adequate care for wounded vets.
  • - Refuses to let the budget officer look at the whole budget!!
  • - Railed against omnibus bills for years then put forth a massive budget omnibus bill that included hundreds of changes to non-budgetary items
  • - When other MPs tried to have a vote on those changes they stone walled and with their majority voted down ever single discussion. Didn't even try to look at anything on its merits and many Conservative MPs admitted they didn't even read the bill!
  • - Campaigned on making government smaller but now have the largest cabinet in history.
  • - Said they'd never run a deficit, now we have the largest deficit ever.
  • - Voter fraud!
  • - 50 Million siphoned from the G20 security budget to one MPs riding to buy gazebos and repave some of the streets. Not a single person involved with the G20 ever stepped into the riding.
  • - Spent 2 million to make a fake lake for a SINGLE G20 photo op when one the most beautiful lake regions in the world was not far away.

In short, this is the most fascist, opaque, anti-democratic, spend happy, bunch of pathological liars for a government in Canadian history. I mean, when Canadians are talking about revolution you know something is seriously f'd up.

Comment Re:Sounds like they're got inside access (Score 1) 353

Terrorists only win when we let them win. The over-reaction of the world governments has made terrorism a viable way to affect change. When in reality the damage and death toll they usually cause is far less than the number of deaths caused by enjoying our freedoms, ie. driving your car.

I grew up overseas on a military base and bomb scares were somewhat regular. I learned very early on that these people are cowards, and cowards are not to be pandered too, they are not to be validated by changing our way of life. As soon as we do that they have won.

"My sense of purpose is gone! I have no idea who I AM!" "Oh, my God... You've.. You've turned him into a DEMOCRAT!" -- Doonesbury