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Comment Battery life (Score 1) 152

My laptop's battery lasts about 4.5 hours with regular usage. However, it is about 6 years old. I will readily admit that I'm on my second battery. It was pretty obvious when my first battery died. It would quickly go from 80% to 0% within only a few minutes. I then went onto Amazon, bought a replacement for 15 dollars, and changed it out in about 30 seconds. Anything less than this is frankly unacceptable to me. Others may feel differently, but it's 2015. Let's not pretend this is a problem that hasn't been solved, even if some companies are actively working against it.

Comment Re:THIS! (Score 1) 248

What's simpler than 4 remotes? One remote. What's simpler than unlocking a screen, scrolling to an app, opening the app, then selecting the function? Just selecting the fuction. Just get a universal remote. They've been around for literally 30+ years and do exactly what you want. You're making things about 400% harder than they need to be.

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