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Comment: Re:What about other devices? (Score 2) 418

by Tough Love (#47891231) Attached to: Windows Tax Shot Down In Italy

Since computing is moving to tablets and phones, can we get OS refunds for iDevices and Android tablets and phones also ?

Also, is this applicable to Macs?

Of course you can. Apple and Google sell their respective operating systems for... wait for it... zero dollars and zero cents per copy. You are entitled to a full refund.

Comment: Re:Put it this way (Score 1) 789

...most of the First World countries are going to immediately join forces to invade and permanently occupy Russia....

What would be the point in doing that instead of just using economic power to drive Russia back into the economic stone age like North Korea? Sure, Russia has petrobucks but its fragile economy is only a little larger than Canada's. A strict economic embargo would destroy it.

Comment: Re:Is Debian/Hurd not an Operating System ? (Score 1) 727

by Tough Love (#47721859) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

Actually I have a background in writing low level kernels, in porting c runtime environments to these custom environments. I know about memory management from the hardware up.

Then how could you possibly have confused operating system level memory management with garbage collecting? I am not sure that I would want you working on the Linux kernel, certainly not on the core.

What I don't have is an overly narrow concept of operating systems, a viewpoint stuck on some quiz once taken in an operating system class that expected a student to regurgitate a 1970s list of OS components.

The term "operating system" was recently coopted by marketdroids and PHBs who have not got the faintest clue of what a timer wheel is, to mean something convenient for Apple and Google's respective business plans. Please go get any operating system text, including a recent one, and you will find that the classic meaning of "operating system" is still the only one taught in the schools that produce our kernel engineers.

Android is no less of an OS for delegating some low level operations to the host linux kernel than a microkernel based OS that delegates some low level functions to its microkernel.

You seem not to grasp the scale, power or subtlty of "some low level operations" that Android relies on the operating system for.

Debian no longer an OS when it delegates low level functions to HURD?

Debian is referred to by Debian developers as a "distribution". That is exactly what Android is, nothing more and nothing less.

Comment: Re:Android is not Linux ... (Score 1) 727

by Tough Love (#47721213) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

Your definition of an OS is quite narrow, overly so.

manage memory

Check. Android's Java runtime environment does this for applications.

It is a safe bet that you have never had anything to do with operating system design or implementation. Apparently, you do not understand even elementary principles of operating system memory management. So... according to you, how does Java manage the process page tables?

It is people like you who make the world save for marketdroids.

Comment: Re:Android is not Linux ... (Score 2) 727

by Tough Love (#47718351) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

Android is not based on Linux. Android is **hosted** on Linux, it is really its own operating system.

Complete nonsense. Android is an "operating system" only in market speak. In fact, Android is an application platform, not an operating system. If you doubt me then you need to get an operating system textbook and read for yourself what an operating system actually does. Hint: manage hardware at a low level, presenting a uniform interface for applications; manage memory; schedule execution; enforce security constraints; etc. All of this done by Linux, and not the Android libraries, and much more besides.

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