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Comment No multiple inheritance... so far (Score 1) 72

It is inevitable that some organism has inherited so much of its genome by reverse transcriptase etc as to muddy the question of exactly what it descended from. Then artificial species will start showing up and it alls gets even messier than it is now. I wonder if it could eventually have cycles.

Comment Re:But does it run Linux? (Score 1, Informative) 89

The Skype servers all run Linux. I guess Microsoft finally got burned enough times trying to make IIS do what Linux does, to stay well enough away from that. But they did reconfigure the server topology to make it easier to spy on corporate traffic for example, or anything else they feel like.

Comment Re:meh... (Score 0) 89

The text client does have one cool feature... you can correct mistakes in your last posted line using sed syntax. How geeky is that?

Of course, that just shows where Skype came from. I'm sure Microsoft would have come up with a much clunkier way of doing the same thing, or just not do it.

Comment Re:Two purposes (Score 1) 89

As much as I hate it, there is huge demand for an app-runner...

You mean a crapp-runner. Browser native apps are nearly always strangely worse than native with fewer features, more bugs, more security holes and slower response. Being able to incorporate into your browser-based workflow is a plus, but usually that is botched too so that essential browsing functionality you would expect just doesn't work. For example, you should be able to open any link in a new tab but that just doesn't work in a lot of the fancy stuff.

Not that Microsoft is the only offender, far from it. (Gmail, we're looking at you.)

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