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Comment Re: Well, yeah (Score 2) 927

Yes, we're still hating on Gnome because it is technically poor and long outlived its intended purpose, which was to force QT to go to a free license. Nowadays Gnome's sole purpose is to be a big stick used by Redhat to beat up other, more deserving and technically better projects, the poor long suffering user being caught in the middle.

Comment Re:Linus (Score 0) 927

Sarah is far from the only talented kernel dev to leave because it just stops being fun. And competes with other projects with a healthier culture. Just in case anybody claims that the usual toxic waste is actually the best and fastest way to develop the kernel, consider that Linux still has crappy real time response, all you need to do is start a buch of glgears, then copy a big file to see that. And simple file copies still tend to page out the application code you're running. And the kernel is way bloatier than necessary because the kind of people who enjoy cleaning that kind of crap up tend to get disparaged or ignored, and just walk away.

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