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Comment Tech theatre (Score 1) 175

This drone design is a pathetic pretense from end to end. For starters, consider the wing loading, it will be off the end of the scale. Look at the eensy weensy props. You can get anything to fly if you put a big enough engine on it, so... gigantic engines, right? Not. And whacking big battery to slide that aerodynamic turd through 15 miles of atmosphere... nowhere to be seen. To cap it off, feast your eyes on the excess of vertical stabilizer and the table-saw grade longitudinal struts. Oh, how about the bomb bay doors? Right at home on a B-52 I'd say.

Nice comic relief Amazon.

Comment Re:This is why ISIS wins (Score 3, Informative) 592

The Kurds want to break away, ISIS wants to take over and bring Turkey under the Caliphate.

That's not quite it. The Turkish regime knows that the world will eventually get around to squashing ISIS, so from their perspective a sovereign Kurdistan is the more pressing problem. Not by any means justifying that point of view, just drawing attention to the twisted dynamic.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 424

Lucas ruined the first three movies when made the last three.

The first three are actually pretty bad in retrospect, a cut above old episodes of Lost in Space, but not by very much. Bailed out by a ripsnorting John Williams score, but even the music deteriorated as the series wore on.

Comment Re:Fork (Score 1) 352

No. LibreOffice had the upper hand because it had nearly all the devs, who had gotten good and tired of Sun/Oracle. Losing the bogus Java tie was just a nice bonus.

Comment Re:A good point, but poorly phrased. (Score 2) 352

Those who wanted a solid, reliable, usable desktop environment backed Qt and KDE. Those who were ideologically driven went with GTK+, although inferior to Qt, and GNOME, although inferior to KDE. This is true even today, so many years later...

Succinct analysis, but it's not about ideology any more, it's strictly commercial. It's about Redhat controlling, which control would be materially loosened by sharing power with the QT Foundation. Community be damned.

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