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+ - Improving the Culture Dish->

Submitted by TornCityVenz
TornCityVenz (1123185) writes "Stanford researches may have made a breakthrough on transferring stem cells by making culture dishes that mimic the human body.
"Cells don't normally exist in contact with a rigid cell culture dish, they sit on soft tissue. By mimicking this environment we can really influence their function and allow them to self-renew in ways we've never been able to achieve before.""

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Operating Systems

+ - Chrome on the way for MAC and LINUX->

Submitted by TornCityVenz
TornCityVenz (1123185) writes "I've Seen so many complaints in the feedback on /. every time an article on Google's Chrome browser hits. The calls for true cross platform availability have struck me as a valid complaint. So now it seems Google is answering your calls. Promising in this article on Cnet a deadline for MAC and Linux support. There are some other interesting reasons to read about it...but we all know how that goes."
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+ - Pigeon Determent Robot

Submitted by
TornCityVenz writes "So I have this pool in a neighboorhood where the pigeon population is on the rise.
One feature of the pool is a spillway from the spa to the pool that the birds seems to think is a great place to take a bath. I'm wondering the best solution to keep the pesky things away. Maybe something solar powered? Motion sensitive? Unfortunatly I don't have the money to open up an X prize competition for the solution, So I thought I'd solicit the input of the esteemed folks at /."

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