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Comment Re:Count me in, no, wait (Score 1) 237

Yeah, but your language sounds like people are gargling ancient Sanskrit three days into Oktoberfest, and some of the words have more syllables than I have socks (and I have a lot of socks!) Too hard.

Why can't some other country come up with free education, a responsible social safety net, and legal prostitution? I'm totally ready to emigrate. I just can't find anywhere to go. :(

I think you mean Wales or Scotland.

Comment Sigh, you are all such n00bZ (Score 1) 237

Look, you can get any four year degree and then go for an IT masters program, or post-graduate certificate.

Provided you have experience in software engineering.

I don't know how many times I've walked down University Ave and overheard about to graduate Computer Science majors talk about (in May) that maybe they should get some work experience.

That's too late.

So do some GitHub or other programming, crank out some fun apps or software, but do it before you graduate CS.

Many people go for a Masters or PhD in a field that is not the same as their undergrad, so exactly which form of degree (even Arts) is not that important. But you need to be able to handle complex task-oriented projects with computing deliverables, and you'll need some experience, even if it was a volunteer job.

Comment Easy solution: Build more solar (Score 1) 538

Convert 50 percent of all parking spots to solar-powered charging. Charge a carbon surtax on all non-electric parking.

Problem solved.

Why are we subsidizing fossil fuels anyway? Cheap federal and state land/sea leases, allowing on-street parking for fossil fuel vehicles, just end that.

Comment Verify. Then don't Trust (Score 1) 416

This is why you don't let auto firms run or design the tests.

And why you don't let people that worked for the regulators work for the industry as "consultants".

A few 20 year jail terms will clear the minds of senior top ten executives at all the firms.

Without bail. And with confiscation of all trusts they may have set up to store looted gains.

Comment More like $650k (Score 3, Interesting) 392

You can't really get a decent place for $500k in Seattle.

Now if only we would permit Tiny Houses in the driveways of retired SFH zoned properties, so they could keep their house, and rent/lease the land, people could easily buy a Tiny House for $30k and have equity in the actual house. This would double population but allow people to keep their older giant houses with unused garages that they no longer use.

Most of use use transit, bike, or walk to work here. Car driving is something the suburbanites do.

All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy.