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by WillAffleckUW (#48226065) Attached to: Preferred smartphone screen size?

Seattle. Rains all the time. I wear the same jacket probably 8 to 9 months of the year. You could make it a fashion thing.

Could use UW tech to read thoughts to allow direct human-cell communication with visual and/or auditory feedback.

Think as if there is no box. Not outside the box. Get rid of the box concept. Why have keyboards? Make the sleeve an optional keyboard, with brain input another interface. Make the display either glasses (Ray Bans) or stupid pervy Google Glasses for idiots or on the sleeve or other display device.

Break the mold. Remove the mold. Molds are 20th tech.

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Comment: Invisible (Score 1) 258

by WillAffleckUW (#48224525) Attached to: Preferred smartphone screen size?

It should be built into the sleeve of my jacket, with a virtual keyboard, and solar powered using tech developed here at the UW Seattle campus that is bendable and breathable (and stylish), with batteries that are flexible and waterproof that resemble insignia and shoulder pads.

But if we're talking old tech, 3.5 inches will do.

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by xtracto (#48220343) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Aging and Orphan Open Source Projects?

Sounds like it is GraphViz.

It is a bummer that such a nice project is in a state like that. I would recommend a lot to make a fork in GitHub so that the source code has more visibility.

Also, someone touched a very good point. A lot of young people are now focusing on Web technologies (like JS). Are you aware of vis.jz ? (a port of GraphViz engine to JavaScript) We use it were I work now to very quickly visualize graphs.

I really like the Dot language, and after tinkering with several JS graphing programs, I concluded that GraphViz layout algorithm is the best (for big graphs, pretty much all the others showed crap, while GV shows a decent image).

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by WillAffleckUW (#48206477) Attached to: Shooting At Canadian Parliament

Let me say this again, since it deserves repeating. Time and time again, posters on Slashdot talk about the 'fictitious' threat of terrorism that government uses as the excuse for encroachments on perceived liberties. You, the posters are the reason why an actual coordinated attack within a 'safe' democratic country is news on Slashdot.

I should point out this attack disastrously failed, due to Canada's strong gun laws and steadfast courage under fire.

Notice the lack of actual panic, and how bystanders did what they could quickly?

And a really cool Sergeant-at-Arms. Kudos.

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all three are relevant research studies. gay marriage is legal in most of America, obesity is a known problem (it's Health), primates are our nearest analogs, and the latter choice might not be your cup of tea, but you'd be surprised what people do.

face it, you just love Russia and want America weak.

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