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Comment Strange in that recent research shows F/M skew (Score 1) 434

The bizarre thing is that recent sociological research shows that in fact there are many more college educated women than men, in some places (like NYC) it's up to 3:1 F:M.

However, maybe the myth that they "want to cheat" might be what's at odds.

I'll just be over here on Tinder where the real ratio matches the sociological research.

Comment Re:Wrong solution (change energy source better) (Score 1) 134

Have to agree.

Carbon sinks and carbon reductions are generally the wrong choice, in that you can run the plant clean while the inspectors are there and run it dirty the rest of the time.

What works is moving off of fossil fuels entirely, by putting more cash into actual built alternative energy like cheaper wind and solar that are verified and measured.

Crush the subsidies and exemptions for fossil fuels, and work on the capital need for new energy systems like wind and solar (10 year low cost loans at 1 percent for example).

I bought four solar units through our Seattle City Light program called Community Solar. Only cost me $300 per unit, instead of $7000 to get it installed on my home, since they built it as part of a new building and got economies of scale. Now I own part of the Aquarium, the Zoo, and a Low Income Apartment Complex solar panels. Capital cost is cheaper for me, and people using the Aquarium or Zoo know it's green while people living in a low income apartment know they're using green power they couldn't otherwise afford (due to the capital cost).

Comment About time (Score 2) 309

I own 4 Community Solar units even way up north here in Seattle, and my last electric bill, before I got more efficient washer, dryer, fridge, showed $81 for electricity used, but I had $43 per unit, which means show me the money, baby!

Adapt. Because nobody's waiting for you to get your rear in gear.

Note: Passive solar is 10 times cheaper than active solar, so do that when you buy a new house and build it to allow for active solar. Here at the UW we have patents for solar film (like car wraps), window screens, and even have an all-electric Formula 1 race car that can charge from a solar panel.

Comment Re:All your future is belong to privacy sold (Score 1) 318

The only setting I have personally seen covertly changed with Win 10 updates is my mouse pointer acceleration.

Seriously, it has been reverted to default speed by updates 4 times now!

Datamining settings are all as I last set them.

The mouse telemetry feedback allows us to subvert your privacy paradigm by uniquely identifying you.

(oh, wait, I'm not supposed to admit that)

"The fundamental principle of science, the definition almost, is this: the sole test of the validity of any idea is experiment." -- Richard P. Feynman