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Comment: The Voice Of Reason. (Score 1) 123

by Toon Moene (#34661126) Attached to: White House Warns of Supercomputer Arms Race

'While it would be imprudent to allow ourselves to fall significantly behind our peers with respect to scientific performance benchmarks that have demonstrable practical significance, a single-minded focus on maintaining clear superiority in terms of flops count is probably not in our national interest,"

Now try to explain *that* to your TayPartists ...

Comment: Before anyone gets any ideas ... (Score 2, Informative) 207

by Toon Moene (#33402194) Attached to: Skipping Traditional Recruitment, Going Straight To the Source

... We (the GNU Compiler Collection) have a policy about this for our mailing lists:

"Recruiting postings, including recruiting for GCC or other free software jobs, are not permitted on this list, or on any of the other GCC mailing lists."

We can't (and won't, of course) prohibit you to contact individual developers personally. Note, however, that most are already employed.

HELP!!!! I'm being held prisoner in /usr/games/lib!