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Comment Ugh, need a clue-bat for commenters (Score 1) 120

What's with all the anonymous wankers beaking off about PHP vs Node, or JavaScript in general, when it's a server-side parsing of input that leads to the vulnerability? WebGoat was written as an on-purpose vulnerable web app for learning on, maybe some of you should download it and Burp or ZAP and do some self-education. OTOH, I'm sure someone would look at WebGoat, and respond with, "OMG, Java is teh suckz!"

Comment SANS is great content, if expensive (Score 2) 70

I've taken the intrusion detection and incident handling courses, with certs in both (still have the latter). When considering them, try to align with what you figure you'll be doing job-wise, if you know. The intrusion detection stuff was great for grubbing through packets to figure out what's going on, where the hacker tools and incident handling gives you some hands-on playing and knowledge you'll want for incident response. I wasn't doing any network monitoring in my role though, so didn't keep up the intrusion analyst cert, but I did love the course.

Comment Show them the risks (Score 4, Interesting) 158

I don't know your organization's level of risk tolerance, but getting them to pay for one of the following would be an eye-opener:
- A vulnerability assessment will show a sea of red for the unsupported platforms. Maybe that'll be sufficient to convince them that it's time to upgrade (and train up on new stuff).
- A penetration test will take those same vulnerabilities, and combine it with attempting to use those vulnerabilities to see what they could get. The difference is in trying to use those issues, and turn them into "oh SHIT" screen shots in the report. It's the difference between "someone could theoretically do X" and "someone just did X, and documented it all for your edification."

On the latter engagements, especially with the dreadfully old stuff, it is quite enlightening to include those screen shots that show how I've added new users, logged in with them, and used them to poke yet more systems I couldn't reach from the starting point. The under-educated staff would only help things if social engineering was in scope too.

Comment Consulting (Score 1) 420

Even if the job is mostly remote (as mine is), many clients want to see you once in a while. Or, maybe you are doing internal testing which requires you to be on-site, but only project-focused, not all the time. I've managed to off-shore myself (literally, on an island), while being responsive to clients and still able to travel in a reasonable period of time when needed.

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