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Comment: Re:Skype on standby (Score 1) 207

by TonyMillion (#39184083) Attached to: Asus Transformer Drops Quad-core In Favor of Dual-core

Because of the way the Skype network works (its a p2p mesh system), depending on whether the client elects to be a leaf, a node or a super node will depend on the amount of network activity you see.

The protocol was *really* not designed for mobile devices, and we are starting to see how badly it can treat the battery. There isn't much room to expand it to use push notifications either.

Comment: Re:They could actually try to sell the Cell (Score 3, Informative) 124

by TonyMillion (#33866980) Attached to: IBM's Plans For the Cell Processor

odd, when we were working with cell we went straight to matrix vision and they LOANED us the hardware for about a year.. Nothing sleazy at all. IBM Also loaned us a server, as did Sony (a beautiful rack-mount job which will never see the light of day).

Bottom Line - the PPC part of the Cell is rubbish, terrible IO and generally 'weak' by todays standards, the SPEs are great, but not enough memory on them (256k) for the algorithms + tables we needed to process the data.

In the end optimizing for intel & SSE3 and making the algorithms multi-core capable was less pain:performance ratio than working on the Cell which would have required all the additional work of managing DMA to/from the meagre memory on the SPE.


Licensed C64 Emulator Rejected From App Store 277

Posted by Soulskill
from the insufficient-quantities-of-hip dept.
Miasik.Net writes "A fully licensed Commodore 64 iPhone emulator has been rejected from the App Store. The excuse Apple used is a clause in the SDK agreement which doesn't allow for applications that run executable code. It seems Sega is exempt from that clause, because some of its games on the iPhone are emulators running original ROM code."

Jason Fried On Focus and Avoiding Interruptions 102

Posted by timothy
from the what-were-we-talking-about-2-seconds-ago dept.
BigTimOBrien writes "Jason Fried, founder of 37signals, talks about the day-to-day operations of 37signals. How does the company work, and what are the guiding principles behind the design of Basecamp and Campfire? He talks about the importance of avoiding interruptions and the relative unimportance of both physical space and mandatory meetings."

Unbelievably Large Telescopes On the Moon? 292

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the thats-no-moon dept.
Matt_dk writes "A team of internationally renowned astronomers and opticians may have found a way to make "unbelievably large" telescopes on the Moon. 'It's so simple,' says Ermanno F. Borra, physics professor at the Optics Laboratory of Laval University in Quebec, Canada. 'Isaac Newton knew that any liquid, if put into a shallow container and set spinning, naturally assumes a parabolic shape, the same shape needed by a telescope mirror to bring starlight to a focus. This could be the key to making a giant lunar observatory.'"

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