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Comment: Re:Ego (Score 2) 236

by TonyJohn (#47350889) Attached to: Google, Detroit Split On Autonomous Cars
I'm not sure what Google's business plan really is. Is it to make cars, or at least make money by supplying software for cars? Most of their other software they give away for free. Or do they want to free us up from driving so that we can make use of online services (and therefore adverts) instead? Or do they want all the data about where we go and when to be able to connect into the rest of our online lives and help advertise to us better? J

Comment: Re:Better you look the road (Score 3, Insightful) 180

by TonyJohn (#45661709) Attached to: Smart Cars: Too Distracting?

Self driving car like Google's?

No. See, when I was testing one, it kept taking me to places where it thought I would be interested in - places that paid Google for ads.

So, instead to my destination, the Google car took me to McDonald's, then to Penny's and lastly to HomeDepot for their big sale.

That sounds a lot like my experience of the tuk-tuks in Bangkok.

Comment: Depends on point of view surely (Score 1) 231

by TonyJohn (#43482219) Attached to: Prof. Stephen Hawking: Great Scientist, Bad Gambler
If I owned a casino, I would consider him to be a good gambler. Not a great gambler, because his wagers are relatively modest. Seriously though, he appears to be perfectly willing to concede defeat so I can only see benefits: it motivates further research into the topic, and it adds a bit more interest (for lay people) to a potentially niche subject. You could almost think that he deliberately arranged to lose.

Comment: Re:Exceptions (Score 1) 2288

by TonyJohn (#35890798) Attached to: Why Does the US Cling To Imperial Measurements?

There are however notable exceptions.

The UK is metric with the exception of speeds that are still marked and posted in miles / miles per hour.

I think the UK is a whole load more muddled up than that. I know my car does 50mpg, but I buy diesel in litres. I'll order a pint of beer, and what I buy in the supermarket is a two pint bottle of milk (but it's labelled as 1136ml) and a one litre carton of juice. I'll buy 6x2 (inch) timber and then chop in up into lengths measured in mm. I weigh 11 stone, but I eat margarine from a 1kg tub. I took window measurements in mm and was sold fabric in yards. Land area seems to be measured in acres or hectares variously. The only thing I think we've sorted is never to mention Fahrenheit, but then we haven't got as far as Kelvin on the whether forecast (but neither have the French).

Comment: Re:No Windows 7 Mobile on ARM (Score 1) 159

by TonyJohn (#35428602) Attached to: Pocket Wars and Cores
Not sure what you mean by "Windows 7 Mobile" given:
- Windows Mobile - has long supported ARM, but has no version 7.
- Windows Phone 7 - only supports ARM.
- Windows CE - supports ARM.

The only thing that doesn't support ARM is "big" Windows 7, and this is changing:

You know you've landed gear-up when it takes full power to taxi.