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Comment: Re:DSNChanger??? (Score 1) 264

HOWEVER, there is a difference in attitude between "losers are stupid and should never be informed of the facts of life" and something at least aimed toward making the users more informed.
If you have a deadly disease, there is a difference between the doctor knows the name and refuses to tell you that name and the doctor tells you the name but you are not competent to understand the terms. Me I prefer the latter.
Hiding file extensions does not do EVERYTHING to help out the bad guys, but it does draw a line in the sand as to where Microsoft stands regarding informed victims of its software.

Comment: Re:In Soviet Russia! (Score 2, Informative) 274

by Tony-A (#33628562) Attached to: Hole In Linux Kernel Provides Root Rights

Unfortunately the Burroughs refused to run mainframe software with such bugs. Burroughs died.
IBMs ran such software without complaint. IBM survived.
Since the programs certainly had some design errors, it really becomes a question of which erroneous behaviors are silliest. Often the "most correct" are the silliest.

Comment: Re:FrostPeas (Score 0) 1238

by gchesney0001 (#32232622) Attached to: Texas Schools Board Rewriting US History
Actually, I hope you're off on your percentages -- I was hoping it was more like 20% right-wing fanatics pushing their religion vs 20% of the left-wing fanatics wanting a godless, socialized state with the rest of the 60% of us reasoning people in the middle. Meanwhile, a very small percentage of jihadist-wing Islamic whackos are trying to kill us all. I very much sympathize with AZ - it's our worthless, spineless government over the last 20 years who have ignored the basics of the original constitution. Yes, our government is a mess, the alternatives suck even more. What IS the answer?

Comment: Re:What fidelity (Score 1) 178

by Tony-A (#32232448) Attached to: Microsoft Accuses Google Docs of Data Infidelity

>MS products are good in firms that have the resources to insure all machines are homogeneous and up to date, firms that require a high level of collaborations of complex non-technical documents

Including both customers' and vendors' computers. (regardless of how or how not technical) ;-)
Actually you need to make exactly the same errors in the same way that your big customers/vendors do.
Esperanto is a better language for everybody to use rather than English/French/Spanish/German.etc-etc, BUT

It is always useful to be able to blame your own mistakes on somebody else's version/configuration/whatever of software.
With Microsoft this is much easier than if using software that actually works correctly.

Comment: Re:When will the media learn.. (Score 1) 351

by pipedwho (#32232146) Attached to: Your Computer Or iPad Could Be Disrupting Sleep

For many results that otherwise appear quite simple, an incredibly technical process was required to gather and analyse the information to formulate a conclusion.

So, unless you happen to have an in-depth education in an appropriate field of study, chances are you won't be able to make a validly informed determination of merit. Well, not beyond anything that isn't already obvious.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."