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Comment: Tax on the Math Challenged (Score 1) 620

by Tony Freakin Twist (#30660232) Attached to: IT Workers To Get Fewer Perks, No Free Coffee
I worked for US Bank as a consultant at one of their *gigantic* warehouse cube-farms. They had stopped providing free coffee at the many "coffee centers" in the building, which I found incredibly short-sighted. Coffee is fuel. Programmer + Coffee = Productivity. To acquire said fuel, it was necessary to take a 15 minute round trip hike to the cafeteria on the other side of the building - for which I, of course, charged the time. $100/hr x .25 = $25. I made money going to buy coffee.

Canceling the Griswald X-mas bonus level stupidity - you're just going to end up kidnapped, tied up with a dog chain and presented to your employee wrapped in a ribbon. Everyone knows that.

Comment: Re:A person who says.... (Score 1) 396

by Tony Freakin Twist (#28719369) Attached to: My toy collection is ...
I think this depends on the context and tone in which you make this reply. Your assumption here is a snarky tone in an unsolicited context. Since text has no tone and this was a solicited situation (the poll is asking us our opinion), you might want to give the benefit of the doubt here. It's factually true - I've put childish things, or toys, away. A toy, in my mind, only has inherent value. It doesn't "do anything." I have nothing against such things and the world is probably better off containing them. It's just that I, personally, have no time to play with or interest in them.

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