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Submission + - The New Features of MythTV .22 (

Tombstone-f writes: The new version of MythTV is right around the corner (Release Candidate 1 is out now), and there are quite a few new features like the new UI, support for new HD capture hardware, and hardware video acceleration.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Offbeat Inauguration Coverage

Nutiket writes: Looking for someplace other than mainstream media to get your Inaugural coverage? The folks over at Gunaxin are covering the big Inauguration in a rather offbeat manner. First they have their Top Twelve Fictional Presidents, with U.S. Presidents from Movies and Television. They also have a history of the Presidents of 24 and a Top 10 List of Dumb Bush Quotes. From a technical side their is coverage of what is contained within those Black SUVs in the Presidential motorcade. And for those who are looking to get drunk during the Inaugural festivities, they have a Inauguration Drinking Game, and a story about Obama's InaugurAle.

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