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Which Phone To Develop For? 344

Posted by kdawson
from the building-a-house-around-it dept.
Rob MacKenzie writes "I have to decide on a mobile phone to develop for. We're building a house with some automation built in, and we want the mobile phone to be able to control certain aspects of it, and retrieve information on what's going on in the house. Our choices are the usual suspects: Apple's IPhone, RIM's Blackberry, Nokia's line (Symbian), any Android phone we can get in Canada, J2ME generic app, or a Web-based UI we would interact with in the phone's browser. What would you choose if you had to go with one? Which exact model? We will be buying a few to develop for, so price is a bit of an issue."

No Space Porn (For Now) 260

Posted by timothy
from the perpetual-virgin-galactic dept.
With the entry to sub-orbital flight, and even orbital flight, becoming ever so slightly easier, the obvious thought of space porn kicks in. Who wouldn't want to see two or more people going at it like rabbits in a weightless environment (or at least trying to go at it like rabbits in a weightless environment)? Sadly, Virgin Galactic has turned down a $1 million offer to do just that. The offer was made by an unidentified party who was willing to put the money up front to do a space porn movie. Considering that a flight aboard VG costs $200,000 for a two-hour flight, $1 million doesn't seem too bad. Though how much you could actually do and perform in two hours is debatable. And what if one or more of the actors gets sick?

Comment: Very simple: (Score 1) 1276

by TomatoMan (#25118645) Attached to: Bad Signs For Blu-ray




I have a PS3, and *one* blu-ray disc, "300", which Amazon had for $15, which is the absolute upper limit I'll pay. Never saw anything again at that price, and coincidentally, I never bought another disc.

$30 for a blu-ray? Yeah. No thanks. Keep it. My ordinary DVDs look just fine to me, especially when upconverted on the PS3/HDMI.


+ - What is your favorite way to make coffee?

Submitted by markov_chain
markov_chain (202465) writes "For a while I've been making coffee using home-ground whole beans and a standard drip maker. I settled on this method for its simplicity and good taste even after trying numerous others such as French press, gravity and pressure percolators, each coupled with either preground or whole beans. So far, the fresh ground beans are the only factor that made a significant difference in taste. However, when I recently spotted a site that vaguely extols freshness, I began to wonder how much the freshness of even the whole beans themselves affects quality. Normally I thought the whole beans would retain the quality far longer due to less surface area exposed to air, but clearly there still must be a decline; worse yet, it is difficult to gauge that decline since the sellers usually do not advertise the age of the beans. For this reason, I would like to throw out two questions to you, Slashdot readers, about our favorite beverage. 1) what is your preferred coffee-making method, and how does it compare to other methods you tried? 2) What are your favorite beans? Specifically, not just the varietal, but also the source and the age (if known)."

Microsoft Invents Split Screen PC 348

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the let-me-have-less-please dept.
An anonymous reader writes "New technology from Microsoft Research India in Bangalore could end the waiting game in offices with limited computers. Researchers are developing software that splits a computer screen in two halves, each side with its own operating system, desktop, applications, cursor and keyboard." Mom! Timmy is on my side of the screen again!
Data Storage

+ - Ex-Boyfriend of Nina Reiser Confesses To Murders

Submitted by
neoform writes " ser

"A former lover of the missing wife of Linux programmer and accused spouse killer Hans Reiser has confessed to killing eight people unrelated to the case, prosecutors informed the defense last week.

Sean Sturgeon, a one-time friend of Reiser's, had already been a focus of the defense team's efforts to shift suspicion off Reiser in the disappearance of his estranged wife, Nina Reiser. Sturgeon's alleged confession to a series of unrelated murders will likely complicate the trial, which is set to begin Monday.""
The Internet

+ - Thousands Call For Impeachment: Time To Speak Out!

Submitted by
J-Ro writes "Thousands of people have called Speaker Pelosi's office yesterday asking that Bush and Cheney be impeached. Now, other leading Democrats and Republicans in Congress have been targeted and people are filling up their voicemail with a simple message: "I Support the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney." Now is the time to pick up the phone and take a stand!"

Linux Based Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Reviewed 127

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the i'll-tell-you-where-you-can-put-it dept.
HHL3T writes " has published a review of the Linux-based Nokia N800 Internet Tablet that was announced at CES 2007 back in January. The review concludes, "As it currently stands, the N800 is an absolutely amazing product for web browsing. However, it's targeted at a very exclusive market: pure technology admirers who must have the latest and greatest, regardless of its real world functionality. We wouldn't recommend you place all of your critical information on the N800, due to its limited online connectivity options and lack of a portable form factor, especially if you are a professional. But if you must have the N800, we would recommend only using it as a digital newspaper to stay abreast on the latest news, and get work done online. It's just too much of an independent platform to be able to replace anything else, such as a notebook, a smartphone or a cell phone."

Protected Memory Stick Easily Cracked 220

Posted by kdawson
from the not-that-hard-a-hack dept.
Martin_Sturm writes "A $175 1GB USB stick designed to protect your data turns out to be a very insecure. According to the distributer of the Secustick, the safety of the data is ensured: 'Due to its unique technology it has the ability to destroy itself once an incorrect password is entered.' The Secustick is used by various European governments and organizations to secure data on USB sticks. shows how easy it is to break the protection of the stick. Quoting: 'It should be clear that the stick's security is quite useless: a simple program can be used to fool the Secustick into sending its unlock command without knowing the password. Besides, the password.exe application can be adapted so that it accepts arbitrary passwords.' The manufacturer got the message and took the Secustick website offline. The site give a message (translated from Dutch): 'Dear visitor, this site is currently unavailable due to security issues of the Secustick. We are currently working on an improved version of the Secustick.'"

AACS Cracked Again 306

Posted by kdawson
from the persistence dept.
EmTeedee sends us to a blog post for a summary of the latest results in cracking AACS, from the Doom9 forums (as the earlier cracks have been) — after the DVD Security Group said it had patched the previous flaws. From the DLTV blog: "This time the target was the Xbox 360 HD DVD add on. Geremia on Doom9 forums has started a thread on how he has obtained the Volume ID without AACS authentication. With the aid of others like Arnezami they have managed to patch the Xbox 360 HD DVD add on... It appears that XT5 has released [an] application that allows the Volume ID to be read without the need to rewrite the firmware. This would mean that anyone could simply plug in the HD DVD drive and obtain the Volume ID from any HD DVD without the hassle of flashing it."

+ - Google to remove identifying data from search logs

Submitted by
darkuncle writes "Via techdirt: a couple of Google lawyers have announced via the Google Blog that Google will begin removing identifying data from search logs after 18-24 months in an effort to make logs "much more anonymous". This is particularly interesting in light of recent stories about search log data being used in trials. One wonders (as noted by TechLiberation) how data can be made "more anonymous" — either it is, or it isn't. In any case, law enforcement (especially the U.S. government) will probably be less than thrilled with this development (witness pending legislation and general calls by law enforcement for mandatory data retention, both in the U.S. and abroad)."

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