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Comment A bug and a couple of suggestions (Score 1) 1815

--There's a bug in the "Threshold" dropdown that has probably been there for years. Try setting it to Threshold: 2 and mode "Flat" and before you hit the Change button, it will list ~500+ comments (for this article, for instance) to be displayed. After hitting Change, it only displays ~100+ comments.

--Proper behavior should be displaying all comments in the thread that are scored +2 or above, in Flat mode.


o Give us some way to track in real-time how many posts we've modded up or down so far. Currently I have to do this in my head, or write down a tally. (Slashdot browser plugin? Nah)

o If we get Mod points, make them either non-expiring or give us like 2 weeks to use them. Half the time I get Mod points on days that I don't/can't access the site, and never have a chance to use them.

--BTW, thanks again for being constructive/proactive and listening to us. :-)

Comment Re:Allow pics (Score 1) 1815

--Slashdot has a distinctive look and feel, and a unique vibe. I admittedly thought about suggesting allowing inline pics in the thread, but I realized that's *not* why most of us come here.

--You want tumblr, go to tumblr. You want Fark, go to Fark and post your pics. You want FB, go to FB - and get spied on. I want *Slashdot.* Text news. It's like a distilled refuge from the rest of the multimedia crap that's out there. Why do you think everyone rebelled against Beta? It went against everyone's expectations (especially long-time users.) If they do (God forbid) allow inline pics, at least give us an option to turn it off in Preferences for logged-in users.

Comment Re:It's the financial models, stupid! (Score 1) 1815

> So the kernel of my suggestion is "By listening to the users". But not just any users. You should listen hardest to the users who are willing to donate a few bucks for a piece of the action. The basic unit of sincerity might be a charity share with a suggested retail price of $10

--Yeah right, since that way of thinking has been working SO WELL for us in Washington,DC lately.

--Slashdot has NEVER been a "pay us to listen to you" kind of site. Go away before your misguided ideas kill the place for the rest of us - start your own d--n site if you want to pull that kind of crap.

Comment Re:Open to Questions (Score 1) 1303

--Logan - as a longtime /. reader, I would advise you to (ASAP) get one of those "slashdot" icons next to your username -- that's one way we know that you're part of the admin staff for the site.

--Anyhow, others in this thread have posted some very good ideas, and I wish you guys the best of luck - just don't change the site too much. We all like the Classic Look and features, but the stories could use some more editorial efforts. And definitely keep up the Linux coverage.

--Other recommendations:

o 15 mod points instead of 5 (if you have high Karma),
o Moderation access twice a week,
o Eliminate the "Slow down, cowboy" crap for logged-in users,
o Ability to re-edit your post with a 15-to-30-minute timeout expiration,
o Better searchability for older articles,
o More options for the sidebar / extra content stuff on the right.
o Automatic -1 for APK-signed spam AC posts!

--That's about all I can think of for now. ;-)

--Anyhow, thanks for asking and for interacting with us.

Submission + - Microsoft makes Windows 10 a 'recommended update' for Windows 7 and 8.1 users (

Mark Wilson writes: Microsoft has been accused of pushing Windows 10 rather aggressively, and the company's latest move is going to do nothing to silence these accusations. For Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, Windows 10 just became a 'recommended update' in Windows Update.

This is a change from the previous categorization of the upgrade as an 'optional update' and it means that there is renewed potential for unwanted installations. After the launch of Windows 10, there were numerous reports of not only the automatic download of OS installation files, but also unrequested upgrades. The changed status of the update means that, on some machines, the installation of Windows 10 could start automatically.

Comment Re:Demise? (Score 1) 165

> In fact, I hired professionals, lots of professionals, to do it for me after a while. I hired them because I needed things done that I was incapable of doing. If I could have done it myself, I'd have not needed to hire them. It's not like I just hired random people for the goodness of the economy. No, I needed good people to do difficult things. I wanted the best and I wanted stuff (and people) that didn't really exist. So, I even paid them well. If it was easy, I'd have done it myself. They were paid well because they were essential to the business. If they were not essential then I'd have not hired them. I didn't hire inessential people. It was a business, not a charity. I'm a charitable person, I was not running a charitable business. This means I only hired the best I could find and paid them enough to ensure that they were happy, productive, and not going to leave. I'd hired them because they were the best that I could make or find. If I could have hired monkeys, I probably wouldn't have because it's unlikely that monkeys would have been essential to the growth and operation of my business. It's really not that complicated and people make things much more complicated than they need to.

--This may be slightly off topic, but part of me wishes you were still in management and working at Morgan Stanley. They just announced they're "streamlining" (read:outsourcing) a bunch of middle-class jobs to save on costs:

--I don't want to get into a rant here, but it's really time we stopped rewarding Big Business for mistreating/laying off people that are providing perfectly good customer service. There is a Biblical passage/principle (1 Tim 5) that basically states "The worker is worth (his) wages." This realigning/outsourcing has been happening regularly since at least the 1990s, and it's really insidiously decimating the middle-class earnings and buying power in the US.

--Would appreciate any thoughts you have on this; perfectly fine to switch discussion to email if you like.

Comment Wanted for crimes against decimal points (Score 1) 207

Yeah, I know some places use a "," instead of a decimal point. That's why it's a good idea if dealing with an international audience to use a space separator for thousands. But using a full-stop as a thousand separator and a comma for the decimal point is just whacky. Not as whacky as writing dates in MM-DD-YYYY format, but close. Perhaps one party really did think that the transaction was just twelve-and-a-half euro.

US Gov't Confirms Clinton Emails Contained Top-Secret Information ( 571

An anonymous reader writes: Just days before candidates begin primary season with caucuses in Iowa and New Hampshire, the Obama administration confirmed for the first time that Hillary Clinton's emails did contain sensitive information. The Associated Press reports that seven of these email chains, are being withheld from the press because they contain information deemed to be "top secret" and that 37 pages included messages described by intelligence officials as "special access programs" — meaning, highly restricted and closely guarded government secrets.

12 Years Later, Warrantless Wiretaps Whistleblower Facing Misconduct Charges ( 96

cold fjord writes: Former Justice Department attorney Thomas Tamm sparked an intense public debate about warrantless surveillance nearly a decade before Edward Snowden. Tamm tipped reporters in 2004 about the use of nonstandard warrantless procedures under the Bush administration for intercepting international phone calls and emails of Americans. New York Times reporters James Risen and Eric Lichtblau used Tamm's revelations to help them win a Pulitzer Prize. Barack Obama criticized the program and the Obama administration Justice Department announced in 2011 that it would not bring criminal charges against him. Unfortunately Tamm is now facing disciplinary hearings before the D.C. Office of Disciplinary Counsel which prosecutes the D.C. Bar's disciplinary cases. Tamm is facing ethics charges that could result is his disbarment, revoking his law license. Tamm is alleged to have "failed to refer information in his possession that persons within the Department of Justice were violating their legal obligations to higher authority within the Department" and "revealed to a newspaper reporter confidences or secrets of his client, the Department of Justice." Tamm currently resides in Maryland where he is a public defender. The effect of the D.C. case on him there is unclear. Tamm's attorney, Georgetown University law professor Michael Frisch, says the delays seen in this case are not unusual in D.C., it can take years for matters to play out. Another of Frisch's clients, who exposed the interrogation of "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh, believes the prosecution is political persecution.

1 In 3 Home Routers Will Be Used As Public Wi-Fi Hotspots By 2017 172

An anonymous reader writes: Juniper Research predicts that at least 1 in 3 home routers will be used as public Wi-Fi hotspots by 2017, and that the total installed base of such dual-use routers will reach 366 million globally by the end of 2020. Major broadband operators such as BT, UPC and Virgin Media in Europe and several of the biggest cable TV operators in the U.S. such as Comcast and Cablevision have adopted the homespot model as a low-cost way of rapidly expanding their domestic Wi-Fi coverage.

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