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Comment: Intelligence != Research Skills != Knowledge (Score 1) 227

by TomR teh Pirate (#49392583) Attached to: Google 'Makes People Think They Are Smarter Than They Are'
It sounds like intelligence is being used as a proxy for subject matter knowledge, and is being wrongly compared to research skills. Being smart enough to do research rather than throw your arms up in the air and saying "it can't be done" is an important feature of emotional intelligence. I think what the article means to say is that people think they are experts when they aren't. Too bad people writing about "intelligence" don't know how to write about it effectively.

Comment: A biological "race" condition? (Score 2) 96

by TomR teh Pirate (#49080817) Attached to: Researchers Block HIV Infection In Monkeys With Artificial Protein
My understanding of HIV is that when it infects human cells, it hijacks the tRNA (iirc) so that the human cells continue producing more HIV viruses. With the article describing synthetic antibodies binding to HIV, the virus is unable to infect human cells. So this would seem like a race condition where the antibody needs to get to the HIV *before* HIV has a chance to infect a human cell. How can this happen reliably?

Comment: Policy should be based on science (Score 1) 673

by TomR teh Pirate (#48885863) Attached to: Should Disney Require Its Employees To Be Vaccinated?
From Google: "Measles is a highly contagious viral disease that can be very serious or even fatal. It begins with a fever that lasts for a couple of days, followed by a cough, runny nose, and conjunctivitis (pink eye)."

This isn't hard to figure out. The people who choose not to vaccinate are tantamount to a loaded gun waiting to go off. Those same people intentionally choose to become likely carriers and in committing their act of irresponsibility, put the herd-immunity into a compromised situation. More distressingly, the argument they use that MMR vaccines are somehow implicated in autism has been thoroughly debunked.

In my opinion, these people should be tried for manslaughter. for going into public places in an non-immunized state.

Comment: I'd welcome Google as my carrier (Score 1) 238

by TomR teh Pirate (#48858627) Attached to: Google Thinks the Insurance Industry May Be Ripe For Disruption
Two weeks ago USAA asked me how much I expect to drive and I had to ballpark it. Since my commute is so short, it would be great to have Google provide a la cart pricing. USAA by comparison didn't even ask for odometer values. What a stupid way to determine my costs.

Comment: Totally Wrong (Score 1) 327

I'm not interested in electrons, I'm interested in electron credits. I'm out of my house much of the day and my solar array will be facing S-SW. During those hours, my system is accumulating electron credits that trade with PG&E (my utility) at a 1:1 ratio. I give them 1KWh in the morning that I can't use but somebody else can, and they give me back 1KWh in the evening that I need. Cost of electrons is never factored into the equation.

Comment: Re:Worst physics in Interstellar (Score 2) 289

by TomR teh Pirate (#48494057) Attached to: Physicist Kip Thorne On the Physics of "Interstellar"
Totally agree with both points. The part I HATED was when our intrepid astronauts were doing much hand-wringing over which two of three planets they should be looking at. The dialog goes on for a painfully long time, and then the big reveal that one of the astronauts in the discussion is voting in favor of one of the planets specifically because she's in love with the guy on the probe ship. At this point, she makes an impassioned argument that "love" must play some role in the physics of how things work. It was an utter load of crap that mocked rather than strained credulity.

So here's my review: I went in with high expectations for Interstellar and came out deeply disappointed. The whole part with Matt Damon's cameo could have been skipped completely and only served to add unnecessary time and drama to a movie that already felt too long. If our primary crew had merely found him dead, the movie could have moved on with far less effort. By contrast I took my son to see Mockingjay with only moderate expectations and came away somewhat pleasantly surprised. Go see that if you have a tween / teen-aged kid who needs an escort.

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