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Comment No point in signing these petitions (Score 1) 608

If the political winds are blowing in one particular direction, a voice of discontent that speaks against those winds is pointless. For those of us who signed it, all we did was probably get ourselves some extra attention from TSA and Customs.

Comment Re:great timing (Score 2) 38

That wasn't very nice of you to say. You're also [stupidly] assuming that

1) Survival instinct is trumped by rationality
2) The astronauts have complete faith in SpaceX's ability to correctly identify and solve the problem that didn't show up on their boards at all

There is no reason why these people can't be of two minds about this topic.

Submission + - Fuel Free Spacecrafts Using Graphene

William Robinson writes: While using a laser to cut a sponge made of crumpled sheets of Graphene oxide, Researchers accidentally discovered that it can turn light into motion. As the laser cut into the material, it mysteriously propelled forward. Baffled, researchers investigated further. The Graphene material was put in a vacuum and again shot with a laser. Incredibly, the laser still pushed the sponge forward, and by as much as 40 centimeters. Researchers even got the Graphene to move by focusing ordinary sunlight on it with a lens.Though scientists are not sure why this happens, they are excited with new possibilities such as light propelled spacecraft that does not need fuel.

Comment Re:Big job (Score 1) 56

The MAME dev community has always been very up front that the MAME license has no attribution of rights to the ROMs themselves. The emulation code is there's and they can do anything they want with it. I have read elsewhere that emulation is perfectly legal (except when it comes to Macs for some reason) and so I don't see where publisher permissions are the least bit necessary.

Comment Yes, let's INCREASE waste (Score 2) 270

Regular coffee pot + 1 coffee bean grinder + 1 lb bag of beans = 1 possibly recyclable / compostable bag plus a hundred + cups of coffee.

Keurig setup + 1 kcup insert = 1 cup of crappy coffee plus an unnecessary environmental impact in the form of an non-reusable cup.

Why in this day and age are we engineering waste INTO products when we should be engineering waste OUT of the product? It doesn't make sense.

Comment The curriculum is crap (Score 1) 284

My son in 6th grade is doing the math work and it's just atrocious how badly basic multiplication has been mangled. For decades American kids learned math fundamentals by rote and we came out of those classes knowing exactly how to do it. Now the math problems are infrequently used such that there is no "drilling and killing" of any fundamental concepts. The whole thing sucks.

Comment Money probably plays a perverse role (Score 1) 211

I'm a low-level manager at a great company as well. For leading a small team of analysts, this is probably not a bad place for me to be. However, I also find myself in need of a web developer who can bring database skills into the mix as well. Such talent will likely cost more salary than I am making, but other people such as my manager and the HR person are concerned that this is an unworkable situation. My response to this is a heartfelt "why?".

If the person bringing special talents to my team is worth x dollars on the general market, what possible difference should it make that he earns more than me in his particular role? My suspicion is that this attitude plays a huge role in attracting morons to ever more influence over other people to chase that dollar when what would be best for the company is for them to chase success in the form of individual contribution.

Comment Intelligence != Research Skills != Knowledge (Score 1) 227

It sounds like intelligence is being used as a proxy for subject matter knowledge, and is being wrongly compared to research skills. Being smart enough to do research rather than throw your arms up in the air and saying "it can't be done" is an important feature of emotional intelligence. I think what the article means to say is that people think they are experts when they aren't. Too bad people writing about "intelligence" don't know how to write about it effectively.

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