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Comment: Re:In related news (Score 5, Informative) 460

by Tom9729 (#36782862) Attached to: Lennart Poettering: BSD Isn't Relevant Anymore

TFS is flamebait. : Systemd use a lot of Linux only technologies (cgroups, udev, fanotify, timerfd, signalfd, etc). Do you really think the Linux API has been taking the role of the POSIX API and the other systems are irrelevant ?

Lennart : Yes, I don't think BSD is really too relevant anymore, and I think that this implied requirement for compatibility with those systems when somebody hacks software for the free desktop or ecosystem is a burden, and holds us back for little benefit.
I am pretty sure those other systems are not irrelevant for everbody, after all there are people hacking on them. I just don't think it's really in our interest to let us being held back by them if we want to make sure Linux enters the mainstream all across the board (and not just on servers and mobile phones, and not in reduced ways like Android). They are irrelevant to get Free Software into everybody's hand, and I think that is and should be our goal.
But hey, that's just me saying this. I am sure people do Free Software for a number of reasons. I have mine, and others have others.

He's saying BSD isn't really relevant on the _desktop_ (and sorry but no, OS X is not a counter-example to this) and that if developers want Linux to succeed on the desktop then they need to worry less about other platforms. In other words, don't cater to the lowest common denominator.

Comment: Re:What I don't get (Score 1) 252

by Tom9729 (#35884614) Attached to: USAF Gets F-35 Flight Simulator

This may be naive but I think the point of a simulator is to model the plane's physical properties (things the engineer's already know, e.g. how much it weighs, how fast it can go) as closely as possible SO THAT you can use the computer to figure out the same things a test pilot would figure out without the risk an expense. It's probably also easier when the design changes to update the simulator than it is to update the prototypes.

Comment: Re:I assume webkit will be properly protected (Score 1) 198

by Tom9729 (#33048248) Attached to: Google Nabs Patent To Monitor Your Cursor Movement

But doing it that way would only work in Chrome, or would require users to install an extension of some kind (Google toolbar?).

It would also be much easier to block because I assume Google would be the only one using that functionality, and/or you could just uninstall the extension or use a different browser if it really bugs you.

Personally I don't really see what the issue is as long as they're just watching your mouse cursor on their pages.

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