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Comment: Re:The originals really are something else (Score 5, Interesting) 140

by Tom Arneberg (#33428874) Attached to: Homebrew Cray-1
The originals are definitely worth seeing! I am surprised how few people take an hour to see the Cray museum (now called "Chippewa Falls Museum of Industry and Technology", The museum used to be housed in the Engineering building (where I'm typing from right now). I had to get a special camera pass to take our family Christmas Card picture with a Cray 1 in 1991: (Sorry about the photo quality...those scans were made in the mid-90s; I really should re-scan with modern technology!)

BTW, the Leinie's Lodge is also well worth visiting! It's less than a half mile from the museum, and is actually the number one tourist attraction in at least a 50-mile radius.

Comment: Re:Communication (Score 1) 416

by Tom Arneberg (#33219484) Attached to: The Great Typo Hunt
> ...let me know where I have erred in my post

Okay, I'll bite. You wrote this:

> In other words, its a matter of communication.

The "its" in that sentence is a contraction of "it is," so it should be "it's" (i.e., it needs an apostrophe).

(Confession: I suffer from the same malady as the book authors -- typos and punctuation errors drive me nuts.)

Comment: I put event photos online (Score 1) 256

by Tom Arneberg (#31924798) Attached to: In the past year I've taken [answer below] photos:
I've taken 15,000-17,000 photos per year for each of the last ten years. I like to put event photos online, and I have plenty to cover, with kids involved in marching band, Boy Scouts, show choir, tennis, basketball, baseball, etc., not to mention church and school activities.

Why so many pics? Well, for example, there are 160 kids in our high school marching band. I try to get a close-up of each student to put on the marching band photos web page. I figure every single face out there has parents and friends who would love to see a photo of that particular kid. It's all FREE, so why not?

My photos also get used in the high school yearbook, on facebook pages, for Boy Scout "Court of Honor" slide shows, etc.

For example:,,

Comment: This happened to my barbershop quartet (Score 2, Informative) 263

by Tom Arneberg (#28334359) Attached to: Family's Christmas Photos Hawk Groceries In Prague
This has happened to me, too! Most often to my quartet. I was quite surprised to see this photo of the Beatles as a barbershop quartet. Someone hijacked this photo of my quartet, and changed the faces. Steven Colbert also used our photo on his show (with the original faces). Do I mind? HECK NO -- all PR is good PR! ;-)

Comment: Computer with a mouse AT HOME?! (Score 5, Interesting) 296

by Tom Arneberg (#26582323) Attached to: Happy 25th, Macintosh!

I got one of the first Macs. It wasn't my first computer with a mouse; we had those at work for chip design. But those cost over $100K each. My fellow engineers couldn't believe that I got a computer at home with a mouse and windows/menus for only $2500!

It even made it into our family Christmas card photo that year:

(This is my first-ever slashdot do I get a web link to work?)

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