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Comment Re:Chunky Finger? No, Damit, we want visors (Score 1) 31

Actually, there's good reason for using something that slips on a finger. Aiming a camera at something you can't see with your head would be a lot of trouble. Exploring things by touch is much easier and more accurate. Take the price tag reader, how would you know if the tag it was reading was attached to the shirt you were considering without feel? It could be reading the price for a different product right next to it. Until we can read data straight into our visual cortexes, I think a smaller version of something like this will beat out geordi's visor.

Comment Re:Camouflage cannot fool the colorblind (Score 2) 65

Thank you for posting this! I helped a friend with a painting job that we didn't have time to do right. When I asked her how it came out, she said it was good mostly but sometimes looked bad when the light hit parts of the wall or at certain angles. Then I visited and it looked so awful. I had assumed she was just being nice and wanted me to feel ok about it all, but no one else seemed to notice it either. You have just cleared the whole thing up for me.

Comment Could cause fragmentation (Score 1) 85

Although I think it's necessary to make genes and their functions incapable of being patented, the current system does have one advantage that we will have to seek to duplicate: centralization. If you have a rare genetic disease, as I do, you currently get the test from exactly one company. Your results come back complete with comparison to everyone who has ever had reason and opportunity to get tested for mutations to that gene. This is very helpful prognostically.

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