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+ - British court rules against whistleblower bloggers->

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An anonymous reader writes "In a dangerous judgment for British bloggers and whistleblowers, a British court has ruled absurdly that simply because blogging itself is a public activity, bloggers have "no reasonable expectation of privacy" regarding their identities, and newspapers are allowed to publish their identities if they can find them by fair or foul means. A British police detective who recently won the Orwell Prize for his excellent political writing used his blog to write highly critical accounts of police activities and unethical behavior, making very powerful enemies in the process. A well-funded newspaper with powerful connections quickly heard of his blog and decided it was absolutely vital to expose his identity using an investigative journalist. Like any good newspaper, the blogger anonymized the people and the locations in all the cases he discussed on his blog, but the newspaper alleges these were not sufficiently anonymized and complains that they could work out the identities, though British newspapers don't complain that they are allowed to publish the identities of men who are falsely accused of rape and cleared in court. The newspaper also helpfully contacted the blogger's employer, and his job is now threatened."
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+ - Opera tests peer to peer with "Opera Unite"->

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elcid73 writes "Opera (Labs) has introduced a test run of "Opera Unite," a peer to peer service built into their latest browser build that allows easy access to several services: web server, file sharing, photo gallery, media server, chat, and "fridge" are available out of the gates, with the ability to develop additional services.

The key to Opera Unite is that it enables a whole new class of social software on the Web, applications that benefit from two or more people being online at the same time. And, with Opera Unite, these people can all connect directly without needing middlemen who control third-party servers. What Opera Unite offers is an opportunity and a challenge to developers and entrepreneurs who are creative enough to envision new ways that people can interact online, so that computing becomes truly interpersonal. -Opera Labs

I like the ease of use of the photo sharing service, myself. It should suffice for sharing with friends and family, but I'll keep my web host around for the foreseeable future."
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Comment: Javascript *is* a typical attack vector (Score 1, Insightful) 232

by Toffins (#26480019) Attached to: Phishing For Bank Info Without Any Pesky Malware

Here's the novel part of it: it doesn't involve any of the typical attack vectors we all know and love. Instead, it uses JavaScript ...

Anybody who knows the history of security vulnerabilities in browsers knows that Javascript itself is the all-time-best attack vector. If Javascript is enabled in any browser, that browser can be immediately compromised when you visit a compromised website. There are latent epidemics of Javascript zero-day vulnerabilities in all browsers.

Want much better security in your browser? Just disable Javascript. Learn to dislike Javascript. I have yet to see any website whose information could not be equivalently usefully displayed without any Javascript. Every time Javascript's "interactivity" is celebrated, critical reading dies another death. Don't regret losing all the "interactivity" of Javascript. There are far too many bad developers who write websites that require Javascript. Turn the tide. Reject Javascript for the toxic waste of space that it is.

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