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Comment: Not a fan of cops. (Score 1) 509

by ToddInSF (#49652385) Attached to: What To Say When the Police Tell You To Stop Filming Them
But recently there as a death in the family and I got to experience some of what it is that the are the duties of the police, and they were extremely professional and truly there to help. It can't be something that they look forward to every day, dealing with grieving families and dead bodies, but they do the job.

To me, the USA's sick and twisted enforcement of things considered vice, that is to say, things that are non-crime crimes, is a much larger issue that corrupts across the board.

The drug war and the explosive growth and out of control spending of many departments as a result is corrupting, the militarization of police departments is also another severe problem, and the forfeiture laws and forfeiture related activities of the police are the epitome of corruption.

People are missing the whole point here. The cops do the job the lawmakers dictate. You keep electing these shitbag lawmakers that build careers not on doing what's right for the public, but rather, what's right for generating controversy in order to create divisive political attitudes based on how remarkably stupid the general public here tends to be.

When your legislature is predominantly stupid, corrupt, and exploitative, what do you expect everything else to be ?

Comment: How about prosecuting prosecutors (Score 1) 206

Rarely are prosecutors held responsible for their antics. Arguably, they are worse than corrupt cops, as they are not doing what they do for the primary purpose of justice so much as making them look good by fulfilling quotas.

What happened to Schwartz is horrible, but it is relatively trivial compared to what prosecutors get away with every day.

Comment: It is amusing to me that the (Score 1) 99

"Big government can't do anything right" crowd is constantly essentially handing our global competitors perpetual advantages, while increasingly sabotaging our economy.

It also amazes me that so many people don't seem to comprehend what a huge game-changer 3D printer tech is and the proliferation of inexpensive 3D printers.

Comment: Re:Fuck those guys (Score 1) 569

" If you ask me the cop who shot the kid in Ferguson was a coward, he panicked because he was alone and and could not control a black kid who was bigger than him. The last people you want waving a gun around like John Wayne, are fucking cowards."

He wasn't a "kid". The rest of your opinion is similarly fallacious/stupid.

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